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Buncombe Co., NC Church Listings

If you know of any Buncombe Co., NC Church -- past or present -- or any corrections to the following listing, please e-mail me with the information. I would like to thank Rev. Frank Gordon for his sending the denominations of many additional churches in Buncombe County, from "The Country Church in North Carolina" by Jesse Marvin Ormond, Duke University Press from ca 1931, city churches are not listed.

To see a listing of the Baptist Churches belonging to the Buncombe Baptist Association

Acton Methodist -- Asheville
Alexander Methodist -- Reems Creek
Alexander Methodist -- French Broad
Antioch Church -- Asheville
Antioch Church -- Barnardsville
Asbury Memorial Church -- Weaverville
Asbury Methodist -- Asheville
Avery’s Creek Baptist -- Avery Creek
Azalea Church -- Oteen
Azelea Methodist -- Swannanoa
Bald Mountain Church -- Bat Cave
Barnardsville Church -- Barnardsville
Barnardsville Baptist -- Ivy
Barnardsville Methodist -- Ivy
Beaverdam Baptist -- Asheville
Beaverdam Church -- Weaverville
Beech Methodist -- Ivy
Beech Methodist -- Flat Creek
Beetree Church -- Craggy Pinnacle
Beetree Church -- Craggy Pinnacle
Bell United Methodist Church -- Leicester
Bent Creek Church -- Asheville
Bent Creek Baptist -- Limestone
Berea Church -- Oteen
Bethany Church -- Fruitland
Bethany Church -- Asheville
Bethany Methodist -- Fairview
Bethel Church -- Asheville
Bethel Church -- Oteen
Bethel Baptist -- Asheville
Bethel Methodist -- Asheville
Bethesda Church -- Asheville
Bethesda Methodist -- Swannanoa
Beulah Church -- Sandymush
Big Sandy Methodist -- Sandy Mush
Biltmore Baptist -- Asheville
Biltmore Methodist -- Asheville
Biltmore Episcopal -- Asheville
Black Mountain Baptist (not located in the town) -- Black Mountain
Black Mountain Baptist -- Black Mountain
Black Mountain, Episcopal -- Black Mountain
Black Mountain, Methodist -- Black Mountain
Black Mountain, Methodist Episcopal -- Black Mountain
Black Mountain, Presbyterian -- Black Mountain
Brick Church Methodist -- Leicester
Brittain Cove Church -- Weaverville
Broad River Church -- Black Mountain
Brooklyn Church -- Asheville
Browns View Methodist Church -- Beaverdam Road
Buck Presbyterian -- Ivy
Buckeye Church -- Oteen
Candler Baptist -- Asheville
Cane Creek Church -- Oteen
Cedar Hill Church -- Asheville
Cedar Mountain Church -- Oteen
Chapel Hill Church -- Fruitland
Chestnut Grove Baptist -- Ivy
Chestnut Grove Methodist -- Sandy Mush
Christian Creek Church -- Oteen
Clear Branche Church -- Black Mountain
Coles Cove Church -- Weaverville
Corinth Church -- Enka
Davis Chapel Church -- Dunsmore Mountain
Davis Chapel Methodist Church -- Davis Creek Road off Pisgah Highway
Deaver View Church -- Asheville
Democrat Church -- Barnardsville
Dix Creek Chapel Methodist Church -- Asheville
Ebenezer Baptist -- Sandy Mush
Edgewood Church -- Enka
Elk Mt. Baptist? -- Asheville
Elk Mt. Methodist -- Asheville
Emma Methodist -- Asheville
Emmas Grove Church -- Oteen
Fairmount Church -- Asheville
Fairview Baptist -- Fairview
Fairview Methodist -- Fairview
Flat Creek Church -- Weaverville
Fletcher Church -- Fruitland
Flint Hill Church -- Leicester
Flint Hill Baptist -- Flat Creek
Flint Hill? Methodist -- Flat Creek
Francis Ashbury Church -- Enka
French Broad Church -- Leicester
Forks of Ivy Baptist -- Ivy
Gashes Creek Baptist -- Fairview
Gilliespies Methodist -- Sandy Mush
Grace Church -- Asheville
Grace Methodist -- Leicester
Grantville Baptist -- Flat Creek
Happy Valley Church -- Enka
Harmony Hill Church -- Asheville
Harvest Time Assembly of God -- Asheville
Haw Creek Methodist -- Swannanoa
Haw Creek Presbyterian? -- Swannanoa
Hemphill Presbyterian -- Reems Creek
Hominy Baptist Church -- Candler
Hominy Church -- Enka
Hominy Valley Church -- Davis Creek
Inanda Church -- Asheville
Jupiter Baptist -- Flat Creek
Jupiter Methodist Protestant -- Flat Creek
Laurel Hill Methodist -- Avery Creek
Leicester Methodist Episcopal -- Leicester
Locust Grove Missionary Baptist Church -- Weaverville
Luther? Baptist -- Upper Hominy
Montreat Presbyterian -- Black Mountain
Morgan Hill Baptist -- Ivy
Morningview Baptist Church -- Weaverville
Mt. Carmel Baptist -- Leicester
Mt. Morencie Methodist -- Asheville
Mt. Pleasant Methodist -- Asheville
Mount Zion Church -- Skyland
Mount Zion Church -- Montreat
Mountain Valley Church -- Barnardsville
Mountain View Church -- Leicester
Nativity Church -- Skyland
New Bridge Baptist -- Reems Creek
New Hope Church -- Weaverville
New Liberty Church -- Weaverville
New Morgan Hill Church -- Enka
New Salem Church -- Skyland
New Salem Church -- Oteen
New Salem Methodist Episcopal -- Limestone
Newfound Baptist Church -- Leicester
North Black Mountain Church -- Barnardsville
Oak Forest Church -- Enka
Oak Grove Church -- Skyland
Oak Grove Church -- Fruitland
Oak Grove Church -- Leicester
Oak Hill Church -- Enka
Oak Hill Methodist -- Asheville
Oak Ridge Church -- Alexander
Oak Ridge Church -- Leicester
Open Bible Church -- Davis Creek Loop
Ox Creek Church -- Craggy Pinnacle
Pains Chapel Methodist Episcopal -- Sandy Mush
Pine Burr Park Church -- Weaverville
Piney Grove Baptist -- Asheville
Piney Mountain Church -- Candler
Piney Mountain Church -- Mars Hill
Piney Mountain Methodist Church -- Pisgah Highway
Pinnacle View Church -- Canton
Pisgah Church -- Dunsmore Mountain
Pisgah Forest Church -- Barnardsville
Pisgah Methodist Episcopal -- Upper Hominy / Dunsmore Mountain
Pisgah Methodist -- Avery Creek
Pisgah View Church -- Enka
Pleasant Grove Church -- Black Mountain
Pleasant Grove Church -- Weaverville
Pleasant Grove Baptist -- Fairview
Pleasant Grove Methodist -- Reems Creek
Pleasant Hill Church -- Fruitland
Pleasant Hill Church -- Enka
Pleasant Hill Church -- Weaverville
Pleasant Hill Methodist -- Lower Hominy
Pole Creek Church -- Enka
Red Hill Presbyterian -- Flat Creek
Redmon Church -- Leicester
Reems Creek Church -- Weaverville
Riceville Church -- Craggy Pinnacle
Ridgecrest Baptist -- Black Mountain
Ridgeway Baptist Church -- Candler
Riverside Church -- Asheville
Riverview Church -- Asheville
Riverview Baptist -- French Broad
Riverview Methodist -- French Broad
Rock Hill Church -- Asheville
Rose Hill Church -- Oteen
Saint Barnabas Church -- Skyland
Saint Johns Church -- Asheville
Saint Lukes Church -- Asheville
Saint Marks Church -- Asheville
Salem Church -- Weaverville
Salem Methodist -- Flat Creek
Sandy Mush? Baptist -- Sandy Mush
Sardis Church -- Asheville
Sharon Church -- Oteen
Sharon Methodist -- Fairview
Skyland Methodist -- Limestone
South Fork Methodist -- Black Mountain
Snow Hill Church -- Enka
Spring Mountain Church -- Black Mountain
Starnes Cove Church -- Enka
Stoney Creek Missionary Baptist Church -- Black Oak Cove
Stony Fork Church -- Dunsmore Mountain
Sunnyview Church -- Fruitland
Sunrise Church -- Enka
Swannanoa Baptist -- Swannanoa
Swannanoa Church -- Oteen
Swannanoa Heights Church -- Oteen
Swannanoa Methodist -- Swannanoa
Swannanoa Presbyterian -- Swannanoa
Sweeten Creek Church -- Asheville
Tabernacle Methodist Church -- Black Mountain
Temple Church -- Asheville
Trinity Episcopal Church -- Asheville
Trinity United Methodist Church -- Asheville
Trinity Church -- Fruitland
Turkey Creek Church -- Leicester
Tweeds Methodist -- Fairview
Union Church -- Leicester
Union Baptist Church -- Leicester
Union Valley Church -- Craggy Pinnacle
Victory Church -- Weaverville
Weaverville Baptist -- Reems Creek
Weaverville Methodist -- Reems Creek
Weaverville Presbyterian -- Reems Creek
Weaverville Methodist Protestant -- Reems Creek
West Asheville Presbyterian Church -- Haywood Rd., West Asheville
Western Chapel Methodist -- Leicester
Westwood Baptist Church -- Asheville
White Rock Church -- Enka
White Rock Baptist -- Lower Hominy
Wilkey Church -- Black Mountain
Woodfin Methodist -- Asheville
Woodfin Episcopal? -- Asheville
Woodland Terrace Church -- Enka
Zion Hill Church -- Enka
Zion Hill Baptist -- Leicester

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