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Buncombe Co., NC Surnames A - L

If you have a surname you would like to see listed here, please send me an email listing them to Diane Ramsey Miller ---- Thanks

SurnameContactPersonal Website
Alford Joanne
Allison Michael Allison
Ballard Nancy Teague Ballard
Banks Tammy Lynn CollardCarolina Heritage
Barfield / Barefield / Bearfield Charlotte
Barker Danny Lindsay
Bartlett Shannon
Bass Danny Lindsay
Bearfield / Barfield / Barefield Charlotte
Bechtel / Pechtel Nana Lowery
Bird / Byrd Michael Allison
Blankenship Ann King Kent
Bridges Amy Bettwieser
Brigman Tammy Lynn CollardCarolina Heritage
Brotherton Lois Jones
Broughton Mary Ann Bolton
Brown Cheryl Baez
Bryson Danny Lindsay
Burrell Ann King Kent
Michael Allison

Byrd / Bird Michael Allison
Cheryl Baez

Cailer / Caler Danny Lindsay
Carson Danny Lindsay
Carver Linda
Caylor / Kaylor Danny Lindsay
Chastain Michael Allison
Childers Shannon
Childress Shannon
Christopher Ann King Kent
Clark Trish Hyatt Henson
Cochran / Cochrane / Cockram / Cockerham Teresa J. Bell
Cogburn Ann King Kent
Dath / D'Eath Danny Lindsay

Tammy Lynn Collard
Michael Allison
Cheryl Baez

Carolina Heritage

Dayton / Deyton Cheryl Baez
Denton Michael Allison
Deyton / Dayton Cheryl Baez
Digges Joanne
Drake Tammy Lynn CollardCarolina Heritage
Dryman Trish Hyatt Henson
Fautz Joanne
Flynn / Flinn Danny Lindsay
Ford Danny Lindsay
Gallienne Cheryl Baez
Galloway Michael Allison
Garren Joanne

Susie Barkley
Diane Ramsey Miller
Sara Binkley Tarpley

Binkley Branches
Gibbs Tammy Lynn CollardCarolina Heritage
Gilbert Linda Owensby Gilchrest
Gillespie Michael Allison
Gorenflo Tammy Lynn CollardCarolina Heritage
Gossett Nancy Teague Ballard
Greenwood Tammy Lynn CollardCarolina Heritage
Griggs Anita N. Nail
Hall Kay Lee
Harrison Tammy Lynn CollardCarolina Heritage
Harvey Pat WebsterBeaty - Cox Genealogy
Hawkins Tammy Lynn CollardCarolina Heritage
Hefner Michael Allison

Henson Linda Owensby Gilchrest
Danny Lindsay

Hester Linda Owensby Gilchrest
Hickam Ann King Kent
Hickey Danny Lindsay
Hinson Danny Lindsay
HolcombeDiane Ramsey Miller
Hudgins Linda
Hues Joanne
Hurst Tammy Lynn CollardCarolina Heritage
Hyatt Trish Hyatt Henson
Susie Barkley

Israel Jerry R. Lee
Johnson Danny Lindsay
Jones Danny Lindsay
Kahler / Kaylor Danny Lindsay
Kent Ann King Kent
Kerby Connie
King Ann King Kent
Kirby Connie
Linda Craig

Koehler / Kohler Danny Lindsay

Ann King Kent
Ledford Ann King Kent
Lindsay / Lindsey / Linzy Danny Lindsay
Looper Ann King Kent

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