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Cherokee County, North Carolina 1890 Special Schedule
for Surviving Soldiers, Sailers and Marines, and Widows, etc.
for Murphy Township

Murphy TownshipRankCo.Reg.Enlistment DateDischarge
Postal Address / Disabilities
1.William N. MashburnPri.K5 TN Inf.1/5/657/12/65PO Address: Grape Creek
2.John D. FricksPri.F3 TN Cav.9/8/638/3/65PO Address: Murphy;
Disability: Shot through shoulder
3.Samuel F. WilliamsPri.F2 TN Cav.3/?/638/26/65PO Address: Murphy;
Disability: Thrown from horse-back injury
4.William R. DockryPri.A1 NC Inf.6/20/63 Disbanded 1864PO Address: Hanging Dog;
Disability: Hearing injury caused by overheat
5.Isaac LovingwoodPri.A1 NC Inf.10/23/63Disbanded 1864PO Address: Hanging Dog;
Disability: Rheumitism from exposure
6.Alfred B. PantherPri.H3 TN Inf.9/20/641/-/65PO Address: Hanging Dog
7.James M. DavisPri.G3 TN Inf.9/20/6411/30/64PO Address: Hanging Dog
8.Benjamin AllenPri.A1 NC Inf.9/20/6311/30/64PO Address: Hanging Dog;
Disability: Pneumonia fever-settled in spine
9.Harrison R. LovinggoodPri.A1 NC Inf.10/15/63Disbanded 1864PO Address: Hanging Dog
10.Benjamin R. LovinggoodPri.A1 NC Inf.6/20/63Disbanded 1864PO Address: Hanging Dog
11.James M. Lovinggood1st LTA1 NC Inf.6/20/63Disbanded 1864PO Address: Hanging Dog
12.Napoliean Lovinggood--- - --/-/--/-/-PO Address: Hanging Dog
13.Christopher GentryPri.A1 NC Inf.9/1/64Disbanded 1864PO Address: Hanging Dog;
Disability: Eyes fractured by Small Pox
14.Andrew J. DavisPri.A1 NC Inf.9/10/63Disbanded 1864PO Address: Hanging Dog
15.Cisero LovinggoodPri.A1 NC Inf.6/-/63Disbanded 1864PO Address: Murphy;
Disability: Brain fever-exposure cause
16.William CornwallPri.A1 NC Inf.9/-/64Disbanded 1864PO Address: Murphy
17.Enoch VoylesCapt. G3 TN Inf.7/9/6411/30/64PO Address: Murphy
18.William PiercePri. FTN Inf.10/24/648/1/65PO Address: Murphy;
Disability: Shot thigh

20.Drury W. DeweeseSgt.F10 TN Cav.10/1/638/1/65PO Address: Murphy
21.John D. BrownerPri.D23 OH Inf.2/29/647/25/65PO Address: Marble
22.Ablurtiss SalisPri.A25 NC Cav.5/-/634/7/65PO Address: Marble
23.Scace? L. ManillbyPri.D21 NY Inf.5/-/628/-/64PO Address: Marble
24.William WittPri.B1 TN Art.10/1/636/1/65PO Address: Deuchtree;
Disability: Small Pox
25.James J. VoylesPri.G3 TN Inf.7/9/6411/3/64PO Address: Murphy;
Disability: Kidney infection-mumps cause
26.Eliza A. Wright (Widow)
Widow of Samuel Wright
Pri.L.9 TN Cav.9/15/639/11/65PO Address: Ballin;
Disability: Measles
27.Lurly HamptonPri.B3 NC Inf.6/23/648/8/65PO Address: Murphy

Davis BaxterSol. U.S.
Robert HickeySol. U.S.

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