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Bryson Family Cemetery

My thanks to Scott Arwood for providing this data.

Bryson Family Cemetery, Joe Brown Highway, Unaka, Cherokee County, North Carolina.

There are fourteen readable grave markers in the Bryson Cemetery. There is one marker that probably could be read with a rubbing, but I did not have the materials at the time of this survey. There are at least ten field stones and another sunken area with no stones.

Below the survey is some genealogical information connecting those persons listed. Two Brysons married Kilbys and I do not which was the mother of Cleve and Sam Kilby. If anyone knows or knows who else is buried in the cemetery, I would like to hear from you.

Scott Arwood (great great grandson of Samuel Bryson)






Samuel Bryson




Mary Bryson




nee Hall

Margaret Roberts




nee Bryson

B.F. Roberts



Age 52 years


Ida Bryson




James Bryson




James Park Bryson

Malissie J. Kilby



wife of SL Kilby

Malissa Jane Bryson

Wesley Roberts




Rev. Jim Roberts





Margie Ann Roberts




daughter of Jim Roberts

Robert Powell



son of Mr and Mrs JB Powell


Infant Bryson


dau of Albert and Rachel Bryson


Sam W. Kilby




Son of Martha Ann Bryson Kilby or Malissa Jane Bryson Kilby

Cleve Kilby







1. SAMUEL F. BRYSON was born December 23, 1823 in Haywood Co, NC, and died March 17, 1908 in Cherokee Co, NC. He married MARY HALL 1850-1856 in Cherokee Co, NC, daughter of John Hall and Eliza.

Children of Samuel Bryson and Mary Hall are:

i. ELIZABETH C6 BRYSON, b. 1854-1855, Cherokee Co, NC

ii. MARTHA ANN BRYSON, b. May 15, 1857, Cherokee Co, NC; m. ROBERT PIERCE KILBY, January 09, 1879, Cherokee Co, NC.

iii. MALISSA JANE BRYSON, b. May 25, 1859, Cherokee Co, NC; d. April 02, 1914, Cherokee Co, NC; m. SAMUELL KILBY, November 11, 1881, Cherokee Co, NC.

iv. JOHN SAMUEL BRYSON, b. January 01, 1860, Cherokee Co, NC; d. January 13, 1924; m. FLORENCE ROBERTS, March 20, 1886, Cherokee Co, NC.

v. RACHEL C BRYSON, b. 1861-1862, Cherokee Co, NC; m. ROBERT MARTIN, January 15, 1880, Cherokee Co, NC.

vi. MARGARET E. "MAGGA" BRYSON, b. April 15, 1867, Cherokee Co, NC; d. April 19, 1952, Cherokee Co, NC.

vii. GEORGE BRYSON, b. December 1869, Cherokee Co, NC.

viii. ALBERTS BRYSON, b. 1870, Cherokee Co, NC; m. RACHEL JANE EVANS, February 28, 1895, Cherokee Co, NC.

ix. SARAH VINETTA BRYSON, b. 1873-1874, Cherokee Co, NC.

x. IDA ELLEN BRYSON, b. July 04, 1876, Cherokee Co, NC; d. August 28, 1988, Cherokee Co, NC.

xi. JAMES PARK BRYSON, b. August 10, 1878, Cherokee Co, NC; d. August 11, 1953, Cherokee Co, NC.

xii. WILLIAM WHITCOMB BRYSON, b. May 1880, Cherokee Co, NC.


Generation No. 2

2. ELIZABETH C6 BRYSON, was born 1854-1855 in Cherokee Co, NC. She married JOHN B POWELL, February 06, 1879 in Cherokee Co, NC.

Child of Elizabeth Bryson and John Powell is:

i. ROBERT7 POWELL, b. January 15, 1897, Cherokee Co, NC; d. October 01, 1899, Cherokee Co, NC.

3.MARGARET E. "MAGGA"6 BRYSON, was born April 15, 1867 in Cherokee Co, NC, and died April 19, 1952 in Cherokee Co, NC. She married BENJAMIN FRANKLIN "TALL" ROBERTS, August 29, 1886 in Cherokee Co, NC, son of Reason Roberts and Mary Allen.

Children of Margaret Bryson and Benjamin Roberts are:

i. JOHN WESLEY7 ROBERTS, b. November 06, 1886, Cherokee Co, NC; d. May 02, 1906, Cherokee Co, NC.

ii. GEORGE ROBERTS, b. July 15, 1887, Cherokee Co, NC; d. 1966, Cherokee Co, NC.

iii. FRANK ROBERTS, b. September 1892.

iv. FRED ROBERTS, b. February 1896.

v. MARY M ROBERTS, b. March 1898.

vi. JAMES "JIM" ROBERTS, b. March 20, 1902, Cherokee Co, NC; d. July 30, 1956, Cherokee Co, NC.

vii. SUE ROBERTS, b. Aft 1900.

viii. WILLIAM MARION ROBERTS, b. August 14, 1909, Cherokee Co, NC; d. September 19, 1988, Loudon Co, TN.

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