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Cherokee County Delayed Birth Certificates

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name Birthdate Father / Mother Vol. Pg.
James Harley 16 Mar 1916 Ulysses G. Yates
Lula Umphries
3A 713
Sina Eleanor 4 Jun 1902 Mitchell Vance York
Cordella Arrington
5 352
Ann 17 Sep 1917 William Charles Young
Iowa Gaddis
3 517
Carol Ruth 4 Jan 1934 Dillard Whitner
Bonnie Young
6 635
Charles Wesley 18 Sep 1917 Charles Ross Young
Laura Adams
2 610
Claude Martin 12 May 1910 Wash Young
Matilda Burleson
1 607
Earl 9 May 1910 Sam Young
Vester Hartness
2 748
Ernest 9 Apr 1911 A.C. Young
Nancy Cook
8 316
George Washington 9 Sep 1912 Sam Young
Vester Hartness
4 516
James Melton 18 Jul 1890 John Alexander Young
Lou Artie Tilson
1 606
Jewell M. 8 Jun 1908 Willie Young
Rosa Lee Dockery
2 749
Julius 17 Feb 1912 William M. Young
Rosie Lee Dockery
4 514
Louise 26 May 1921 William Charles Young
Iowa Gaddis
3 516
Robert 10 Aug 1913 William Oscar Young
Elizabeth Suttle
2 611
Sullivan A. 28 Jul 1904 Jessie Young
Olie Bryson
4 515
William Charles 4 Aug 1892 John Young
Lou Tilson
3 518
William Max 18 Apr 1911 William Oscar Young
Elizabeth Suttle
2 612

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