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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Cabe, Joseph MitchellKatherine CabeJames Tabor3-21-20
Caldwell, Junius_____________Joseph Caldwell6-12-15
Calhoon, ______Nettie MoodyThelbert Calhoon5-8-23
Calhoon, ArthurMary CrispCharlie Calhoun4-16-16
Calhoun, ______Minnie EvansRobert Calhoun5-10-24
Calhoun, Abraham VirgilNancy CrainJackson Calhoun6-8-20
Calhoun, FrankNettie MoodyHerbert Calhoun8-xx-24
Calhoun, Mrs. Robert_____________George Evans5-10-24
Calhoun, Robert VanceFannie LovinHampton Calhoun12-12-23
Calloway, JamesCallie BakerJ.J. Calloway3-15-16
Calter, JosephineYilpha McCloudJonathan Hull 4-23-25
Canup, ___________________Dave Camp10-1-14
Canup, JudsonSookie DentonT.G. Camp7-8-14
Campbell, ______Grace QuinnPurison Campbell5-30-20
Campbell, ______Allie LedfordThomas Campbell7-1-20
Campbell, ______Grace QuinnPerison Campbell 3-23-21
Campbell, FlorenceNancy WoodyWill Head5-21-18
Campbell, MayClarinda HartnessJoseph Campbell11-10-13
Cantrell, GordonLizzie HensleyJohn Cantrell 6-8-21
Capehart, ViannaColey SneedEli Dockery12-22-17
Carpenter, DavidMinie GravesDavid Carpenter1-7-25
Carpenter, HenryCordelia StewartHenry Carpenter7-30-24
Carringer, ______Vesta MartinHarve Carringer 12-19-16
Carringer, ______Vesta T. SneedA. Mack Carringer6-7-25
Carroll, Ben_____________Hugh Ledford12-24-18
Carroll, Cordley_____________Lawson Kline11-30-24
Carroll, Jesse R.Mary LedfordAbsolom Carroll6-3-27
Carroll, Mary JaneCynthia PattonH.N. Hall 9-5-22
Carroll, NoraMurry TaylorDenison Carroll10-10-15
Carroll, Mrs. Thomas__________________________12-24-24
Carter, ElwoodMartha MagahaW.F. Carter4-7-14
Carter, John__________________________3-17-26
Carver, OllieMaggie H. ______Mel McClain 12-11-13
Carver, ______Ollie McClainFrank Carver 12-10-13
Carver, ______Etta SawyerPhillip C. Carver 1-23-20
Case, A. ThomasAnna K. Case_____________12-28-19
Case, Annie_____________Adam Danner 10-18-16
Case, ______Alba WestTim Case2-2-19
Casteel, H. TalithaMartha PairisRobert Ensley 5-2-14
Cawkins, Grace AliceGrace SuddrethJeff Parker 3-23-23
Cearley, MaryPollie LoudermilkGeorge Cearley 12-11-27
Chambers, EthelLaura HicksGeorge Chambers 8-18-17
Chapman, ______Cordia ChapmanVirgil Chapman 6-12-16
Chapple, AllieHarriett RevisW.H. Chapple 2-24-16
Chastain, BessieJennie BlackJohn Williamson 2-18-24
Chastain, Helen_____________Felix Chastain 8-30-24
Chastain, PaulineAline ColeCarl Chastain 7-9-25
Chipley, Dudly__________________________8-20-21
Christopher, ______Emily NelsonE. O. Christopher6-24-24
Christopher, ______Laura JohnsonZack Christopher 11-16-24
Christopher, ______Maude DickeyFred Christopher 7-29-25
Christopher, HardyAlice DeweeseC. Christopher 5-28-14
Christopher, Mary JeanMaude DickeyFred O. Christopher4-20-26
Clark, Edith_____________J.E. Ledford xx-xx-18
Clark, ______A.S. Clark_____________ 3-23-18
Clark, Arizona DuellJosie PackJ.M. Clark 10-6-20
Clark, M.H.Jane HallGeorge Clark9-24-23
Clayton, ______Lenna HurtCoda Clayton1-5-23
Clayton, Laura NeilLaura Ann NicolAllen Cody Clayton2-4-23
Clegg, Louise_____________Mr. Hoyle9-30-22
Clonts, Henry______ HemphillJohn Clontsxx-xx-14
Clonts, MarthaMarcy DoddJames Peck12-18-24
Clonts, LottieMartha PeckJohn Clonts7-9-23
Clonts, RosieVina ______Elijah Jonson4-14-21
Coal, ______Cordie MorrowRobert Coal6-20-16
Cobb, Sara A._____________William Waldroup 10-4-21
Coffey, MaryElizabeth DayMorgan Coffey 7-8-20
Coffey, MillieElizabeth DayMorgan Coffey6-1-17
Coffey, VeraEthel LovelaceLonnie Coffey2-19-21
Coker, ______Fannie GravesLoy Coker12-30-24
Coker, Jack (Jr. )Maggie PantherJack Coker 2-21-27
Coker, NickLaura PlattJ.J. Coker7-9-20
Coker, RilandFannie GravesL. Riland Coker 12-31-24
Colbert, GeorgiaAddie McLellandCharles Colbert 8-14-26
Cole, Joseph M.K. ColeJames Tabor3-21-20
Cole, Otis ReaNancy Jane CrainWilliam Cole 2-15-16
Coleman, ______Lillie Josephine Picklesimer Morriah Coleman5-26-17
Coleman, AndersonJilla HicksSpenser Coleman 1-15-17
Coleman, CharlesMargarett PinkertonC.M. Coleman 1-27-23
Coleman, JamesNora Coleman_____________ 9-8-22
Coleman, L.Nancy PassmoreJohn Postell 10-21-14
Coleman, L.C. Susan CookBrownlow Horton 10-28-14
Coleman, Mary AnnJenny ShadwickJohn Benfield 1-29-23
Coleman, W.A. _____________M.E. Coleman 9-12-20
Collett, C.A.Mary StewartAbraham Collett 2-3-15
Collett, Charles McDonaldAmanda StalcupH.M. Collett3-9-23
Collett, Jane_____________Joe Conley 10-27-26
Collett, William H.Carrie Garrison John Collett8-23-23
Collett, SarahBettie KimseyJames Whitaker3-1-21
Collins, Mrs. JaneElizabeth RussellWilliam Harper 11-8-23
Colvard, FrankAddie ColvardFred Colvard 2-6-26
Colvard, JamesHala SherrellJ. Colvard6-6-25
Conley, ______C_____ ConleyG.W. Conley 1-5-26
Conley, AlbertAlice SeatteJoseph Conley7-8-14
Conley, Alice AmandaMartha AlexanderGirdine Scott2-26-22
Conley, Charles A.Elizabeth CollectAndrew Conley11-22-18
Conley, John Tate Margarett AlexanderAmbrose Conley6-16-13
Conley, Samuel TheoElizabeth CollettAndrew Jackson Conley1-1-14
Constance, B. Allie WigginsJames Constance4-26-14
Constant, EvelynLaura HydeWilliam Constant 12-18-20
Constant, James JosephLaura HydeWilliam Constant12-8-20
Cook, B.A.__________________________ 6-1-23
Cook, Mrs. GertrudeDella MeroneyJ.S. Meroney 12-12-20
Cook, Mattie__________________________ 1-2-14
Cook, Mattie__________________________ 6-7-14
Cook, ______Terra HamptonAlfred Cook 12-10-20
Cook, ______Emeline BushE.C. Bean 12-1-21
Cook, NancyMiss Callie RicksWilliam Johnson 7-13-27
Cook, MahalaCatherine AdamLewis Little 9-8-26
Cooper, Hortense F. AxleyMiss PorterFelix Axley 1-22-21
Cooper, Mrs. James B.Miss SharpLarkin Nichols 3-11-22
Cooper, LafayetteMiss DeaverThomas C. Cooper 7-4-21
Cooper, Mary KateOllie NelsonRobert Cooper 9-11-24
Cooper, May_____________James Cooper7-15-19
Cooper, William F.Emily HenryJames Cooper 12-6-21
Cope, BerthaRosa McJenkinsG.H. Cope8-25-25
Corie, WilliamJesse MossGriffith Haney10-22-20
Cornwell, ______Mag LovingoodJim Cornwell 5-30-14
Cornwell, JohnMary FarmerRichard Cornwell 11-22-23
Cornwell, RalphLiddie HumphreyLester Cornwell 6-30-16
Cornwell, RossMag LovingoodJim Cornwell 7-1-14
Cox, ______Willie McGuireW.E. Cox 5-20-26
Cox, Maggie___________________ Cox 6-20-16
Coxey, Abigail LunsfordAbigail JusticeWilliam Coxey2-10-23
Coyad, Marcus EugeneSallie SimpsonAndrew Coyad 9-9-27
Craft, James OmarIda AllenJ.M. Craft 2-9-18
Craig, LoulieLillie Morrow_____________ 6-3-17
Crain, ErnestMarinda HambyJefferson Crain 2-15-23
Crain, LauraMarinda HambyJefferson Crain2-15-23
Crawford, ______Ettie RossJ.C. Crawford1-30-26
Creasman, ______Lillian HardimEdmond Creasman 11-21-18
Correction to unnamed Creasman per Cindora Creasman, Annie Creasman, mother was Lillian Hardin, father was Ed D. Creasman
Creasman, FannieKate BeaverEd Creasman4-28-26
Creasman, WillardRoena GarlinJohn Creasman 1-3-26
Correction to Willard per Cindora Creasman, mother was Roena Garland
Creasman, WinaleeKatherine BoarEdwin Creasman 12-10-26
Correction to Winnalee per Cindora Creasman, mother was Kate Beavers, father was Ed D. Creasman
Creasman, LillianJulia TaylorCharley Hortin 11-223-18
Correction to Lillian per Cindora Creasman, father was Charlie Hardin
Crisp, ______Mary LovingGalmon Crisp12-20-20
Crisp, LulaFannie WelchNathen Buchanan 12-2-12
Crisp, MaryElizabeth MurrayRev. Joshua Edwards 6-23-23
Crisp, VernonClara HogsedHarley Crisp 6-27-23
Crisp, William_____________John Crisp 9-28-16
Crisp, William O. _____________John A. Crisp 9-28-16
Cross, ______Lillie EliceStanley Cross3-25-16
Cross, Alex WesternMargarette PlumleyJohn H. Cross2-24-20
Cross, Flora D.Margaret PlumleyJohn H. Cross 3-27-20
Cross, FredFlorance GaddisCharley G. Cross 5-14-15
Cross, Sarah______ JohnsonJoseph Cross8-17-17
Crow, _________________________ Crow4-17-15
Crow, LuranyLucinda DyerWilliam Crow 2-9-14
Culberson, Henry Calvin_____________James Culberson5-30-21
Culbertson, Wm._____________David Culbertson 4-3-21
Culbertson, MarthaJane CulbertsonJ.C. Anderson 3-26-26
CunninghamMary HarrisShade Stalcup3-17-23
Curtis, ______Vinnie L. BrownJohn Curtis 8-6-22
Curtis, EmalineMartha MartinChristopher Curtis 12-26-20
Curtis, RayViola NcNabbJ.W. Curtis4-23-19

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