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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Dale, FrankMillie GrantWilliam Dale4-7-20
Dalrymple, IsatrudeMartha EveretteJ.E. Dalrymple6-14-18
Dalton, ______Mattie WhitmarchFolie Dalton2-18-25
Danner, SusanG. Nelson?Lenzy Smith9-7-25
Darr, AmandaMartha CryslerIsaac Parson6-17-18
Davenport, ______Maud LedbetterHampton Davenport6-27-18
Davenport, DoilenMaude LedbetterHank Davenport3-2-17
Davidson, Bettie E.______ MooreJohn Reed5-22-19
Per Robert Winslow Davidson (grandson) Bettie's parents were Selena Moore and John REID
Davidson, CharlesFannie AkinCharles Davidson11-22-27
Davidson, MannaElizabeth MarbletonAble Harris3-17-16
Davidson, Samuel WinslowSallie MoodyW.T. Davidson7-13-15
Davis, ______Elm. PayneCharlie Davis_______
Davis, ______FAnnie ArmsJohn T. Davis2-10-18
Davis, CecilAllie StilesTom Davis3-22-20
Davis, DaisyMary ______David Hamby3-25-23
Davis, EllaNancy WhitmoreWilliam Robinson6-3-18
Davis, GilbertMary MulkeyDrew Davis5-15-15
Davis, Jacob__________________________4-1-17
Davis, James_____________R. Davis4-13-24
Davis, LealeaBlanch AllenAndrew Davis5-30-22
Davis, MarchelOllie StilesTomas Davis8-11-16
Davis, Morris I.Blanch AllenAndrew Davis5-29-22
Davis, Nancy A.Pollie McMillianJames Murphy4-23-27
Davis, NoahMaudie AbernathyElmer Davis7-12-16
Davis, Sarah AnnElizabeth PulliumH.E. Davis8-16-20
Davis, VivianBlanch AllenAndrew Davis6-7-22
Davis, WillardMaggie MintzErvin Davis6-4-16
Davis, WillardMaudie AbernathyElmer Davis6-4-16
Davis, WilliamKaty DavisGeorge Davis8-XX-16
Davis, William ClydeMagie MintzElmer Davis6-13-16
Davis, William ClydeMaudie AbernathyElmer Davis6-3-16
Day, ____________ HensleyClaud S. Day8-15-17
Day, Hazel ChristineEthel Mae MartinOliver Oscar Day9-8-22
Day, Mrs. MollieMiss MasonJohn M. McMahan12-29-21
Dean, AllenJane ForsterThomas Dean8-20-21
Decker, Joe__________________________5-24-16
Decker, LouMary AbernathyJim Decker9-7-15
Denton, Mrs. D.E.__________________________2-3-25
Denton, NancyElizabeth ChastainWilliam Denton2-14-25
Derreberry, ______Bettie CurtisPoley Derreberry7-2-23
Derreberry, ______Bettie CurtisPoley Derreberry2-17-27
Derreberry, Mrs. AlexMatilda SandersB_____ Johnson8-28-20
Derreberry, AndrewIrene MerrittW.L. Derreberry10-21-15
Derreberry, ClaudBettie CurtisPoley Derreberry9-10-27
Derreberry, IreneLena NelsonAlex Derreberry10-31-24
Derreberry, Robert N.Susan HippsBen Derreberry1-7-17
Dever, DonaCaroline SheltonJames Brookshire1-26-14
Devior, Alice_____________Rice7-27-25
Deweese, AbrahamLula DavisD.W. Deweese8-23-19
Dickey, ______Girtie BrittainFrank Dickey8-8-25
Dickey, ______Lilia ElliottFrank Dickey2-7-23
Dickey, FrankNellie BurkheadTom Dickey2-24-26
Dickey, Mary KathrynKathryn GentrySheridan Dickey6-18-22
Dickey, T.C.Jane KilpatrickGeorge Dickey4-10-24
Dills, Alex_____________Leon Dills12-18-22
Dockery, ______Olain Lovingood,H. Dockery11-18-18
Dockery, ______Olain LovingoodHarve Dockery6-10-14
Dockery, A.J._____________James Dockery12-17-20
Dockery, A. JacksonMartha McClellandJames Dockery12-25-20
Dockery, CliffordPhoebe WoodyWalter Dockery5-12-27
Dockery, EthelRachel AndersonCore Dockery4-1-18
Dockery, Garland__________________________4-XX-14
Dockery, GladisLillie LovingoodHarve Dockery6-10-14
Dockery, HeffisSusie FairElzie Fair8-3-16
Dockery, John__________________________10-24-14
Dockery, JohnMary WeeksLevi Dockery4-20-18
Dockery, CoraEmma PayneNathan Dockery6-19-14
Dockery, Levi__________________________11-15-19
Dockery, LucyMrs. AndersonC.A. Dockery5-15-18
Dockery, MiltonNancy BlackwellLevi Dockery11-11-17
Dockery, Mollie_____________Jake Dockery5-28-25
Dockery, NettieSallie FricksAlvin Dockery5-20-14
Dockery, Peggy JaneJane JusticeMartin Garrett1-3-15
Dockery, SallieSallie NixAlvin Dockery6-10-14
Dockery, SallieSallie DockeryAlvin Dockery6-17-14
Dockery, WinfordMartha JonesEd Dockery10-25-23
Doner, Caroline__________________________8-3-20
Donley, LouMay ColeBob Donley2-29-20
Dover, Jane___________________ Morrow3-23-16
Duncan, Alfred__________________________11-11-26
Dye, ______Martha BrysonGordan Dye10-20-25
Dye, MarthaMartha BrysonHarve Magnis10-20-25
Dysart, Maggie__________________________12-26-27

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