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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Earley, ______Effie EllisHenry Early1-29-22
Earley, GilfordMargie GarberryY.G. Earley1-23-27
Earwood, ______Daisy FallsJames Earwood8-28-20
Earwood, Addie MayNorma TrullG.D. Earwood7-31-17
Earwood, Mrs. GeorgeJinnie OwensB.L. Trull12-1-20
Earwood, GordonLaura TruettJohn Earwood9-28-24
Earwood, JacksonDaisy McFallsLawrence Earwood2-14-26
Earwood, PearlLety SmithAllen Earwood3-14-25
Earwood, VerdieLottie HuskinsWilliam Queen1-1-24
Earwood, VirginiaBessie WilsonJack Wilson6-17-21
Elkins, CarlMinerva ElkinsJ.M. Elkins11-11-20
Elkins, Joseph

Eller, C.Hellen KingE.E. Eller11-27-24
Elliott, JamesElizabeth BartonAndrew Elliott6-7-26
Elliott, Maggie
______ Garrett3-18-21
Elliott, Wesley
Robert Elliott8-7-16
Ellis, BethElmira HanesWiilian Hanes3-23-23
Ellis, EffieBettie NewmanThad Ellis2-4-22
Ellis, Manuel

Ellis, JesseJane AllenBass Ellis1-17-15
Ellis Parmalee Freeman
Jack Freeman7-4-27
Ellis, RuthMartha GaddisJoseph Withrow5-11-23
Elrod, EllenEula TrueloveW.B. Elrod8-26-24
Elrod, Mimey E.______ JonesThomas Elrod3-2-20
Emory, ______Laura FarleyJohn Emory4-6-26
Ensley, Minnie Sutton
Dave Sutton2-20-20
Ensley, WilliamMartha ParisRobert Ensley10-8-26
Evans, FlossieSarah DentonJames Burrell10-23-18
Evans, HerbertJenobie BurrellJackson Evans12-3-15
Evans, IsabellaLouisa LindeyJames Price4-26-24
Evans, MargaretRachel BrysonIsaac Moore11-3-17
Everett, AnitaEfie OwensSamuel E. Everett6-4-21
Everett LucindaPolly MontiethWilliam Arrington2-11-22

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