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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Fain, ______Maggie BowmanHarry Fain11-16-25
Fain, Francis W. Nancy GobleC.M. Woffard3-1-16
Fain, Mrs. John
A.P. Green10-31-25
Fair, ______Maggie StylesHenry Fair3-29-24
Fair, ______Zelma MorrisN.M. Fair12-25-23
Fair, AbbottMary ScottDave Fair9-2-15
Fair, AbbottMary ScottDave Fair8-1-15
Fair Austin
Arch Fair5-8-16
Fair, EdMary ScottDave Fair6-11-16
Fair, Eloisa______ MossRobenson12-27-15
Fair, John E.
M. Fair11-20-20
Fair, Nellington
Jack Fair12-5-25
Fair, VirginiaCarrie FairGeorge Felmon9-1-15
Fair, WittingtonJane WoodJake Fair12-7-24
Farmer, ______Gertrude RadfordArthur Farmer3-28-15
Farmer, ______Gertrude RadfordArthur Farmer1-15-16
Farmer, ______Gertrude RadfordArthur Farmer4-30-20
Farmer, ______Hattie HayesGlenn Farmer 1-25-25
Farmer, ______Minnie CogdillLafayette Farmer12-14-23
Farmer, DessieTisha HughesSeabe Farmer 5-3-16
Farmer, SallieMalissa EvansHenry Burgess10-17-19
Farmer, Will

Farner, James Nancy BrysonSamuel Farner 3-31-18
Farrow, Dick

Faucher, Frank Ethel ValentineA.L. Faucher 7-23-26
Faulkner, William
John Faulkner 7-20-26
Ferebee, Florence Adelaide MatthewsEdmond Flood3-18-23
Fisher, Ben

Fisher, Mary Emaline BrownWilliam Mulener 4-13-17
Flowers, Boyd Lonnie WrightPolie Flowers 8-16-16
Flowers, James
Marrian Flowers 10-10-13
Ford, John W.

Folster, Lizzie Arnald SarahGeorge Folster 10-00-22
Forster, Jane

Fortner, ______ Minnie WaldroupJohn Fortner 00-00-23
Fortner, Pauline Minnie WaldroupJohn Fortner 12-16-22
Fowler, Alvin Sylvester Martha GodJohn Fowler 12-4-14
Fox, ______ Anna HenrickHayes Fox 3-00-20
Francis, ______ Lela MorrisLogan Francis 1-2-18
Frankum, Frank Lillie FoxJames Frankum11-30-19
Frankum, Ira Helen Lillie FoxJames Frankum 12-28-26
Frankum, May Mattie GarrettJohn Frankum 8-12-20
Frankum, Susie
Jack Canup 4-27-23
Freeman, Laura Angeline RogersJohn Freeman 7-15-21
Freeman, Salina
Ephraim Freeman 12-28-25
Fricks, ______ Abie DockeryJames Fricks 12-12-17
Fricks, Harriett

Fricks, Mary Nancy BlackwellEli Dockery 12-12-17
Frix, Laura Sallie RobersonJim Frix 6-5-14
Frix, Martha Susan HamptonJoe Cornwell 1-25-21
Fry, George E. Annie McFeeNathan Fry 9-8-27
Frye, William
William Frye 10-14-21
Fulmer, Jacob Margaretta ____________ Fulmer 3-18-18
Furgerson, W.E. Saliie McGuireJackson Furgerson 8-12-19
Futch, Ralph D. Anna ColeCharles Futch 8-1-22

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