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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Gaddis, George Allen_____________William Gaddis9-3-22
Gaddis, Elizabeth__________________________7-13-19
Gaddis, Isham MarshallElizabeth ______James Gaddis8-8-27
Gaddis, LouiseEffie BlackHarley Gaddis6-9-23
Gaddis, Stela BessieMartha GaddisJoseph Withrow11-14-26
Garland, BlackingridgeElizabeth RaperHarman Garland11-26-15
Garland, ElizabethSusana McDonaldJames Raper4-3-23
Garland, Giles HershellMaude GreenwoodJohn Garland3-12-20
Garner, DaveFaney Garner_____________8-16-20
Garner, John__________________________2-7-22
Garrett, ______Nettie DockerySylvester Garrett5-17-21
Garrett, ClaraRachel EstepStephen Thompson3-27-14
Garrett, JohnHarriett SeaboltWilliam Garrett5-27-16
Garrett, GlenClara ThompsonWilliam Garrett6-11-14
Garrett, RollinClara ThompsonWilliam Garrett3-22-14
Gentry, Laura JosephineMary PhillipsJoyly Goodman12-24-14
Gentry, Wila KatherineMyrtle ParkerLuther Gentry11-24-14
Gentry, William__________________________7-18-24
George, RubyElvira SteppE.B. Padgett10-6-18
Ghormalez, W. FoxLizzie HopkinsC.C. Ghormalez10-25-18
Ghormley, James_____________Coleman Ghormley8-1-21
Gibby, ______Bessie PattonCharley Gibby6-29-19
Gibby, ______M. RogersH. Gibby4-4-19
Gibby, Arnold H.Lyndia Gibby_____________4-5-18
Gibby, JamesBelle Gibby_____________10-8-18
Gibby, JanePolly CogdilJohn Stiles3-8-25
Gibby, Viola_____________L.C. Gibby1-18-16
Gibson, BascombeNan BerettJasper Gibson12-25-25
Gibson, E.A. _____________William Justice3-19-26
Gibson, James W.Emma RoseZebulon Gibson1-10-21
Gibson, RobertEffie ScottA.Gibson12-31-15
Gilbert, ______Mary StewartJoshua Gilbert3-XX-14
Gilbert, ______Wilda WarrenW.M. Gilbert6-27-23
Gilbert, Ella E.Ada GriggsMarvin Gilbert7-27-24
Givens, William__________________________5-6-26
Gladson, FrancisHannah HawkinsGeorge Gladson6-2-17
Gladson, GeorgeAddie TaborWilliam Gladson1-14-18
Gladson, JamesPalace GladsonLenny Gladson9-3-17
Gladson, Lester Glen_____________Ad Anderson4-30-17
Gladson, MaymieCordie GladsonJ.W. Gladson3-18-26
Gladson, RosieCordie GladsonJohn Gladson6-11-22
Glance, ______Bell WilsonDoug Glance12-15-15
Glance, DallisBell WilsonDug Glance10-12-18
Goforth, SilasEaster HeifnerJosiah Goforth4-2-26
Goiah, MarthaDavey MartinBill Rogers2-25-24
Golden, BessieMoley NelsonBurton Carter7-6-27
Golden, MiltonIda GivensW.C. Golden8-8-18
Golden, WileyMaud BrookThomas Golden1-18-16
Gomer, ______Bessie E.John Gomer9-4-18
Gorenflo, ______Lucy EvansH.T. Gorenflo6-27-21
Gorge, ______Gertrude HurtD.S. Gorge1-9-21
Graham, AlmaNebraska FoxGeorge Eavens1-17-19
Graham, ElizabethAlma EvansErnest Graham1-2-18
Graham, DardiseLorraine WhiteJames Graham3-8-14
Graham, JamesAlma EvansErnest Graham1-16-19
Graham, LeanraniceAdaline WhiteJames White11-20-25
Graham, John__________________________5-29-19
Graigg, LolaMary CollinsW.O. Wilson8-15-16
Grant, David S.Martha NelsonV.E. Grant7-19-25
Grant, EvalineEvaline JohnsonBen Johnson5-23-18
Graves, ______Nancy WhiteJohn Graves11-1-14
Graves, AliceMartha SneedJim Cornwell11-12-20
Graves, GraceSara GravesS.H. Graves9-15-24
Graves, JohnNancy MontgomeryJohn Graves8-7-14
Green, AnnieM.S.A. Shuler6-7-24
Green, ClyntonCallie ThompsonJoe Green5-1-14
Green, JohnMaurena BandyJessie Green5-28-24
Green, MaggieLucy McFallsGeorge McFalls5-28-24
Green, WilliamMaggie CarpenterLuther Green2-16-17
Greenwood, Jesse__________________________3-19-16
Greenwood, John__________________________12-20-26
Greenwood, MarySallie WrightJoseph Carter5-27-24
Greenwood, William H.A.Elizabeth ______Washing Greenwood5-14-12
Gregg, Frank__________________________4-10-27
Gregg, Harriett_____________Robert Clark7-1-27
Gregg, Hattie_____________Jerry Grant9-21-14
Gregory, ______Effie AndersonJoe Gregory3-21-22
Gregory, ______Carrie AndersonHenry Gregory4-16-22
Gregory, AddieCatherine FoutsRobin Willis6-27-15
Gregory, IdaEffie AndersonJoe Gregory2-8-23
Gregory, J.A.Caroline MathisJessie Gregory2-22-24
Gregory, WilliamEffy AndersonJoe Gregory12-6-20
Greybeard, ___________________Johnson Greybeard12-20-21
Greybeard, Aggie_____________Johnson Greybeard4-10-20
Griffith, Clyde AllenEdna Christine BreedloveDillard Edmond Griffith4-4-26
Grifith, Maryan____________John Hughes10-28-27
Griffith, Rev. SolomanMary TruettSoloman Griffith10-5-22
Griffiths, WilliamLelah GriffithsMichael Griffiths12-30-20
Grindstaff, NewtonElizabeth BuchananHenry Grindstaff9-29-24
Gudger, Sam. RSarah M.Jas. M. Gudger7-10-23 or 28
Guffy, JackPolly SmileyJason Guffy8-22-26
Guialliams, RhodaBetsie BradsonAlgia Maples5-24-16
Gulley, LillieLaura PayneRoss Gulley2-6-21
Gunter, MorriahEllen MossCharles Gunter7-8-27

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