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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Jackson, Adolphus___________________ Jackson8-4-18
Jackson, JohnMary McCombsF. Jackson3-22-19
Jackson, John AllenLillie JacksonJohn Jackson10-19-15
Jackson, Sarah A.Sarah HayesMcRaklee Love6-11-18
James, ______Mae HoxHardy James4-13-15
James, Elois______ HoxHardy James12-12-14
James, Mary_____________McTaggart8-1-24
James, PatonFansy YardJohn H. James1-10-16
James, VictoriaElizabeth RichardsonAsa James8-8-16
James, William P. Kary McTeginThomas James11-23-19
Jarrard, DavidMinervie PorterWilliam Jarrard2-19-19
Jenkins, Ella__________________________2-18-16
Jenkins, ______Coxxie TruettCharlie Jenkins2-28-22
Jenkins, WilliamRachael HydeJones Jenkins2-15-16
Jinkins, GeorgeDovie TeagueC.S. Jinkins2-10-16
Jinkins, JohnLeavie TeagueC.S. Jinkins2-10-16
Jinkins, Liza_____________Mark Cackron2-20-16
Johnson, ______Lella RamseyCharley Johnson1-11-22
Johnson, ______Mary HawkinsCleve Johnson8-12-27
Johnson, ______Stelmer ArpMartel Johnson10-6-23
Johnson, ______Mary HawkinsG.C. Johnson7-13-15
Johnson, ______Margarett HyattJohn Johnsonxx-xx-xx
Johnson, AdaJosie HallW.D. Hogsed1-1-23
Johnson, AlliceDalla HortonWesley Johnson5-31-23
Johnson, AlliceLucinda McHanJohn Cunningham7-4-14
Johnson, BettieRhoda PayneJohn Ledford4-11-23
Johnson, Emiline______ RidleyRiley Lindsey7-11-23
Johnson, Eva MaeLouie ReidPerlie Johnson7-9-22
Johnson, GraceMary KirklandE.A. Voyles2-8-24
Johnson, Gus__________________________8-25-16
Johnson, HershelMary HawkinsG.C. Johnson11-1-15
Johnson, JamesSibal JohnsonJames Johnson6-11-16
Johnson, James SterlingLouise GriffithAbsolom Johnson5-4-20
Johnson, MaggieCarolina JenkinsWilliam Dorsey6-25-21
Johnson, Margarett L.Emily KingElijah Hyatt1-2-21
Johnson, Mary______ GreenRobert Hagler12-4-14
Johnson, MarthaDallla HortonWesley Johnson5-31-23
Johnson, MinnieBettie ColvardDick Johnson11-14-17
Johnson, PerrieC. MossHarve Johnson4-1-20
Johnson, Robbie E. Mary LoweryEdwood Johnson7-17-21
Johnson, SarahMandy IngramJohn Brindle6-26-14
Johnson, Mrs. ThomasCinthia CurtisJoshu Hall2-10-22
Johnston, ______Mary Cory AbernathyFred Johnston11-26-23
Jordon, ______Julia TeagueJacob Jordon6-20-22
Jordon, AmandaKate Jordon_____________1-10-21
Jordon, JamesJulia TeagueJacob Jordon4-3-21
Jump, ______Mary JonesWalter David Jump3-27-14
Jump, ElziaMollie JonesDavid Jump5-3-22
Jump, JanePeggy GarrettGeorge Dockery6-6-16
Jump, John W._____________Bayley Jump10-13-27
Jones, ______Mary RogersThurodin Jones6-10-22
Jones, ______Mary RogersWashington T. Jones4-12-23
Jones, CoraLydia BenfieldSherman Trantham9-11-23
Jones, DilliaMcAntireDentist Price4-22-19
Jones, DoreSusie JenkinsA.V. Calhoun8-15-23
Jones, F.V.Elizabeth RowlandJim Jones3-30-20
Jones, IdaHettie BaldwinJ. Jones2-12-19
Jones, James EdwardLillian D. EllerWilliam Jesse Jones3-4-23
Jones, Jane__________________________12-8-24
Jones, JamesGrace RobinsonWilliam Jones1-22-23
Jones, Joseph WalkerJane ReeceW.P. Jones2-18-16
Jones, Lucrecia______ HamptonJohn Burgess7-7-26
Jones, Laura IsabelleMariah WoodBen Burgess5-27-22
Jones, Lillian D. Candace HooperJohn Eller3-6-23
Jones, MaryRosa HarrisDavid Williams5-14-15
Jones, MattieLucrese BurgessLowry Jones3-4-20
Jones, MollieSarah StansberyJoshua Pack1-10-16
Jones, MyrtleBillie WalkerGolman McAlaster11-23-25
Jones, Nora MaeDolie PrillRobert L. Jones6-1-22
Jones, William P.Sarah PartenStandford Jones10-7-18
Jones, William P._____________Jerry Jones11-28-15
Jumper, ______Allie SmithJ. Jumper4-4-24

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