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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Keener, ______Rachel LovingoodAmos P. Keener1-4-16
Keenum, George FredJennie ReeseWesley Keenum9-21-21
Keenum, Baby GirlLara BeaversWillis Keenum7-19-17
Kephart, ______Julia AshJeff Kephart8-1-22
Kephart, ______Lillian PalmerAndy Kephart2-5-14
Kephart, JacobLillie PalmerAndy Kephart6-20-14
Kephart, Perry ThomasDorcas KephartAndrew Kephart9-13-27
Kephart, WileyLillie PalmerAndy Kephart5-15-19
Kephart, William H.Mary A. PalmerSingleton R. Kephart12-8-23
Kilby, ______C. WestBenjamin Kilby9-6-25
Kilby, Bertha MaeJulia BrannonRobert Kilby11-12-14
Kilby, JackIda DuganAlbert Kilby2-15-20
Kilby, MalissaMary HallSamuel Bryson4-2-14
Killian, JohnSarah DockeryFrank Killian6-26-14
Killian, Lonnie

Killian, Malissa

Killian, Ora
James Williamson8-20-23
Killy, AzaleeLynda YouncePerry Beaver5-12-24
Kilpatrick, CatalinaBessie ShearerMalburt Kilpatrick3-14-22
Kilpatrick, DorthaDortha M_____Rici Coffey11-00-22
Kilpatrick, Ema MAdgeMabel AndersonRoyal Kilpatrick11-30-26
Kilpatrick, EvaBettie HigdonEugene Ford2-15-16
Kilpatrick, MaryJulian BrownG.W. Walker10-1-16
Kilpatrick, Orville, A.Elizabeth CoffeyJackson Kilpatrick4-16-20
Kilpatrick, PattonBilly ColemanDick Kilpatrick3-5-27
Kimsey, Carrie______ WilsonAndy Earwood1-17-20
Kimsey, George DonaldEffie ParsonsGeorge W. Kimsey2-10-22
Kimsey, Fred WilliamPearl DerreberryCharly Kimsey11-26-2?
King, ______Vina PattersonCarl King3-21-27
King, Ara MaeJuanita TathanBruce King10-14-23
King, BennethRebecca SlaughterGeorge King2-12-17
King, ElizabethViena WilliamsJohn Brooks5-24-16
King, J.M. Adeline PowellMarkus King11-1-26
King, JuliaJane ConleyLarkin Lewis10-15-25
King, Lucy HowardAddie HowardCling Pithitt2-7-23
Kinney, ______Zena BrownS. King3-23-24
Kinney, Zena
Kiney, OliverAnn Francis AndersonJoseph Kiney1-1-16
Kirkland, ElnaSelia LovingoodJ.P. Davis3-9-23
Kirkland, Floyd Jr.Myrtle EvansJohn Kirkland3-30-17
Kirkland, GolieCintiller ClarkFrank Kirkland2-16-15
Kisselburg, ______Mattie RogersS.L. Kisselburg
Kitchen, ______Artie ______Stephenson Kitchen4-6-26
Kitchen, ArtieEva BurchJarrette Burch6-9-17
Kitchen StephenJinnie PicklesimerDavid Kitchen5-11-20
Knoblett, Edwin Ervin


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