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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Ladd, RoyBonnie RogersKirby Ladd7-28-24
Lail, EllenPalace JonesHenry L. Lail12-2-22
Lail, Guy FrancisPatsy ConleyJames Lail2-25-19
Lail, Mary PayMaude CrispWm. Lail7-1-26
Lance, AzaleeNettie RobinsonJohn Lance4-3-18
Laney, ______Callie JohnstonH.T. Laney11-8-24
Laney, ______Callie JohnstonHorace Laney11-8-24
Laney, Thad__________________________5-13-15
Lawrence, JasonNancy AndersonAbaslum Lawrence------22
Lawrence, Robert NewtonInda PimpertonJoseph Lawrence10-3-26
Lawson, Emiline_____________Bartley8-25-14
Leatherwood, ______Elizabeth BarkerM. Leatherwood3-3-19
Leatherwood, Felix A. Mattie BrownHayes Leatherwood11-16-26
Leatherwood, Maggie OlviaMaggie HicksJohn Leatherwood1-6-15
Leatherwood, RobertBertha HicksNeil Lovingood7-25-21
Ledford, ______Mary McDonaldJoe Ledford4-28-25
Ledford, BenjaminGrace OwenbyB.J. Ledford2-11-19
Ledford, BerthaElizabeth DawsonMark Prince8-19-26
Ledford, CatherineGennette PayneFrank Rogers4-28-25
Ledford, Charles W.Minnie SneedC.R. Ledford2-3-24
Ledford, Cora AlenaNevvie RogersT.B. Ledford10-13-22
Ledford, DockPollie TrapJohn Ledford1-25-23
Ledford, EmileyJesie BrownW.B. Ledford12-16-20
Ledford, EthelLunny Howell_____________1-5-15
Ledford, HowardMennie HughesCleve Ledford5-27-17
Ledford, JaneLiddie BurnsJames Ledford11-12-13
Ledford, JessieLucy PIcklesimeLeondre Burger6-15-16
Ledford, JohnnieLizzie GarlenAndrew Ledford11-19-13
Ledford, LizzieSarah LawrenceJulius Garland2-19-21
Ledford, NormaFlony LoudermilkWill Ledford4-28-23
Ledford, Rachel Eliz.Elizabeth CollettSam Holland1-25-16
Ledford, Thomas C.Dulice HicksDavid Ledford4-30-26
Ledford, Violey______ ReeceW.L. Vailes4-30-18
Ledford, William_____________J.W. Ledford4-10-23
Ledford, WoodrowLouise WalkerMonson Ledford3-23-17
Lee, ______Ola GibbyB. Lee1-18-25
Lee, ClemCora PayneElijah Lee5-23-22
Lee, Cora HenrettaSarah PicklesimerG.F. Payne11-13-21
Lee, John BinumBetsy WitherowJohn Lee11-5-13
Lee, LulaMary WestAlfred McGaha12-25-17
Lee, MaggieEllen DalrympleGeorge Lee6-9-18
Lemming, ______Minnie B.Paul Lemming8-31-24
Lenderman, Winfield ScottJane MilreeSamuel Lenderman10-23-14
Lewis, Jane_____________Julius Conley3-30-19
Lewis, Marie C.Lola LovinGarfield Lewis7-9-24
Lewis, LarkinManna MossWill Lewis3-5-15
Linthicum, Fannie MAeFlorrie DeanH.G. Linthicum11-22-17
Little, GeneviaEssie LittleC.V. Little9-25-21
Lively, MilesEaster MartinMarian Lively2-1-16
Locke, Willie EdwardLevada BealRobert Locke3-8-26
Logan, ___________________John Logan10-20-14
Logan, ThomasDora ElliottC.W. Logan3-27-20
Loner, Thelma RobinsonNettie RobinsonJohn Loner4-3-22
Loudermilk, ClateSallie BartJames Loudermilk9-3-18
Loudermilk, NancyBetrie BrooksBill King3-25-26
Loudermilk, RossNanie RobersonClaten Loudermilk10-20-14
Loudermilk, RossieLissie LoudermilkJohn Loudermilk7-1-24
Love, ______Georgia CurtisWilliam Love7-19-23
Love, Hattie JaneAddie ThomasonEllis Love2-16-14
Lovin, Polly Ann_____________G.W. Patterson8-12-26
Lovingood, ____________ DavisOscar Lovingood6-30-14
Lovingood, AllenMary WellsAllen Lovingood2-15-21
Lovingood, Azalee______ GibbyW.N. Lovingood12-4-15
Lovingood, Benjamin F._____________Harris Lovingood12-28-13
Lovingood, Bertha_____________Oscar Lovingood8-20-14
Lovingood, BlancheMelvina PalmerFred Lovingood2-22-27
Lovingood, CallieJane GentryP, Sneed10-23-24
Lovingood, Clarinda__________________________4-26-23
Lovingood, Harriett__________________________11-24-14
Lovingood, Isaac__________________________11-24-14
Lovingood, JamesElizabeth DockeryN.P. Lovingood5-29-17
Lovingood, Mrs. Mary_____________Lou Wells2-15-21
Lovingood, Mary G.Hester GriggsAllen Lovingood12-9-25
Lovingood, May Hester GriggsAllen Lovingood12-3-25
Lovingood, NapoleanNancy WeeksWashington Lovingood9-22-23
Lovingood, Ora LeeG.W. DavisMorgan McDonald3-30-20
Lowe, John_____________Martin Lowe9-1-20
Loyd, AllowynEmma MartinPearl Clartly10-25-22
Lunsford, Barbara_____________Thomas Killian8-30-22
Lunsford, Nancy_____________William Guffy10-1-17
Lunsford, Elmer GriffithElmer GriffithCalvin Lunsford6-9-16
Lunsford, JohnMary AbernathyThomas Lunsford10-3-23
Lunsford, JohnMatilda ______John Lunsford12-22-18
Lunsford, LassieCharita DavenportJohn Nichols3-11-21
Lunsford, LillieRebecca DavisJohn Abercrumbie1-29-16
Lunsford, MarySinda CornwellThomas Kephart10-13-21
Lunsford, Morgan______ SneedJohn Lunsford6-21-14
Lunsford, ______Polly HendersonEli Lunsford6-18-23
Luther, ______C.M. EarwoodAndy Luther11-27-19
Luther, ______Effie AdamsHarrison Luther1-15-23
Luther, Moley Mary_____________Nick McGuire3-27-26
Luther, Mary JaneMaud AlmondSherman Luther5-26-19

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