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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Magness, Francis S.Georgia WardSam Magness10-4-23
Magness, George RobertMartha Ann EllisonJames William Magness4-28-23
Mallard, _______Maude JohnsonB. Henry Mallard6-13-17
Malonee, C.B. ___________________5-22-26
Manck, BonnieJosie GallowayWilliam A. Manck5-14-23
Manck, ConnieJosie GallowayWilliam A. Manck5-14-23
Manck, DonnieJosie GallowayWilliam A. Manck5-14-23
Mann, R.A.___________James Mann2-7-15
Mann, Robert______ ReeceJames Mann2-11-15
Marcus, EmilyLizzie BraswellD.L. Carpenter3-19-13
Marcus, John_________________________7-3-25
Marr, Baby Boy______ CraigT.E. Marr2-27-21
Marr, CliftonDonna BakerPeter Marr12-14-21
Martin, ______Alice JonesJohn Martin8-1-21
Martin, ______Eliza WhitenerWilliam Martin2-17-14
Martin, Baby Boy______ HaroyJefferson Martin12-30-21
Martin, EdnaAda DonaldsonJ.B. Martin11-17-22
Martin, IdaIda DonaldsonJulis Martin10-13-21
Martin JohnOra AdamsWilliam L. Martin5-xx-15
Martin, Mary ElizabethMary PhilpatWilliam Abbington8-17-26
Martin, VirgilLucy BlantonWill Martin2-21-19
Martin, WilliamTilda BarnettRhiley Martin3-5-20
Mashburn, ______Addie B.Jess Mashburn1-31-19
Mashburn, AdaleeSusie RobertsJackson Evans3-2-26
Mashburn, Addie EloiseAda E. WhitnerWilliam E. Battle5-12-23
Mashburn, Andrew GreenLydia RobinsonJohn H. Mashburn5-4-20
Mashburn, MarshalAddie B.Jess Mashburn2-19-19
Mashburn, MitchelAddie B. Jess Mashburn2-15-19
Mashburn, NedAddie BatesJess Mashburn12-6-26
Mashburn, Robert FloidSarah Ann DelozierA.G. Mashburn6-12-13
Mashburn, SarahElizabeth P.Edward Delozier4-22-19
Mason, ______Flurdy CromeRichard Mason10-6-15
Mason, EdwardSusie Mathis Edward Mason6-17-23
Mason, Horace___________Horace Mason9-2-16
Mason, John LincolnFlorida CrainRichard Mason2-2-17
Mason, John M.Cathy BirchetAustin Mason6-15-22
Mason, LoreneIda HibertsBuster Mason6-4-23
Mason, Mary AnnMary Ann FainJohn Fain4-29-18
Mason, Sarah DulceniaMary HallJohn Ingram5-16-27
Matheson, ______Bertha ParksPearl Matheson11-15-20
Matheson, JohnMattie Lovingood Will L. Matheson2-18-19
Matheson, Margarett Loretta___________John London10-17-23
Mathis, Baby GirlThelma McClureArvil Mathis10-11-25
Mathis, Mrs. Homer______ Hughes______5-12-15
Mathis, RubySadie LovinHomer Mathis2-18-25
Matoy, James______ SmithWilliam Matoy2-12-27
Mauney, Catherine_________________________11-30-20
Mauney, Claud____________Luther Mauney10-13-14
May, ______Cora Smith_____________2-12-23
May, _______________________________3-1-23
May, HattieKatherine MaplesJames May12-16-15
May, James A.Hattie W.Joseph May6-18-19
May, LesterCatheron WilliamsJim May4-14-14
May, Lewis JacksonCathron WilliamsJames May7-19-14
Maze, LesterCathy QuilliamsonJames M.4-20-19
Mecke, Hemon__________________________7-10-20
Mehaley, Haney__________________________10-22-18
According to Joan Duvall this should be Haney, Mehaley
Meroney, John S.Martha A. WelchBilly B. Meroney1-20-22
Meroney, MarthaBetsey, BlytheJohn B. Welch1-23-14
Messer, Mary ElizabethArma LovingoodJames Bradshaw8-14-20
Messer, SilasMary HooperJohn Messer11-18-20
Miller, L.H. _____________P.J. Miller9-13-20
Mingus, Evaline_____________Andy Horton12-xx-22
Mingus, John LewisWilliam ReavesJohn Mingus12-6-17
Mintz, BurleyLillian HassWill Mintz11-16-19
Montgomery, ______Birdie HartnessW.H. Montgomery9-11-20
Montgomery, Austin William_____________John Montgomery11-2-22
Montgomery, EliceAnnie TaylorIsaac Taylor2-25-16
Montgomery, EllerElis?? PeckHenderson Reed7-27-22
Montgomery, Mrs. JohnLula ColbersonBilly Calvins8-18-16
Montgomery, Margaret ElizabethSusie LargetAllen Montgomery7-2-21
Montgomery, Robert AllenSarah SneedW. Montgomery12-14-16
Moody, ______Dillie WrightDewey Moody11-1-17
Moody, EvelynBetsy CarverRoss Carver1-10-15
Moody, LauraHattie GilbertWill Moody12-25-12
Moor, George O. Lexie McHanWilliam Moor7-21-18
Moore, ______Gertrude BrysonR.C. Moore4-24-17
Moore, ______Fannie JohnstonE.C. Moore5-9-23
Moore, Alex__________________________3-8-23
Moore, AmandaEliza SneedRichard Moore9-13-26
Moore, ElizabethAgnes FishEarl Moore2-12-21
Moore, EmmaAnn SudderthRobert McCombs9-17-24
Moore, EstherIowa McClureG.W. Moore3-29-14
Moore, Henry__________________________5-29-24
Moore, HermanIowa McClureGeorge Moore5-16-27
Moore, RuthPearl BrownMorrison Moore1-9-19
Moore, William Newton__________________________2-14-27
Moore, Williard G.M. PhillipsW. Moore, Jr.4-12-19
Moore, Williard L. Sarah MartinAndrew Moore9-22-19
Morgan, Hester MayHester ______Collin Morgan2-22-26
Morgan, Lissie KAtherineLissie BuchananJ.A. Morgan8-26-15
Morgan, MaeNancy DeaverJ.W. Morgan7-13-25
Morgan, May C.Amanda KilbyRoy Morgan12-25-26
Morgan, RollenLizzie BuchananJ.A. Morgan10-16-27
Morgan, WilliamNancy BostonBob Morgan7-28-25
Morris, Alonzo WashingtonAddie BlockFrank Morris3-14-26
Morrow, ______Amanda RoseSherman Morrow3-5-16
Morrow, AmandaMary GreenGeorge Rose3-6-16
Morrow, CliftonDonnie BakerS.P. Morrow12-13-21
Morrow, James MosesIsabell DentonJ. Morrow8-25-26
Morrow, LanaElizabeth DentonJohn Morrow6-5-16
Morrow, LewisBelle DentonJohn Morrow6-3-16
Morrow, MarianClara BradshawMorgan Morrow11-18-18
Morrow, William Marian_____________Morgan Morrow11-19-22
Moss, Elizabeth__________________________2-8-19
Moss, Hannah_____________David Barrett5-17-22
Moss, Margaret L.Sallie AllenJames Johnson2-5-17
Moss, MilasAnn LedfordDavid Moss10-29-17
Moss Seaborn RooseveltJane MartinRhiley Moss1-8-16
Mosteller, Burt JacksonRilie AsheJames Mosteller1-18-12
Mulkey, BonnieRosa CarverJ.T. Mulkey2-21-19
Mulkey, ClaraRosa CarverJ.T. Mulkey2-24-19
Mull, ______Bessie DyeThurm Mull11-22-23
Mull Martial I. ______ CrawfordM.J. Mull2-20-21
Mull, RalphBessie DyeThurm Mull11-20-23
Mundy, SusieFannie RossWilliam Callis10-xx-20
Murphy, ______Nellie ShacklefordClifford Murphy3-3-25
Murphy, AlmaVola Murphy_____________9-14-16
Murphy, ArchMaggie EllisJoseph Murphy6-16-15
Murphy, IsaacLiltha MossJohn Murphy9-11-19
Murphy, NellieRachel CrawfordJohn Sudderth3-4-19
Myers, ______Steph PhillipsJohn Henry Myers12-13-17

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