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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
McAbee, EarlLula BarnesHenry McAbee3-21-25
McAfee, Susan
George McAfee 4-30-17
McCallister, R.R.
Smiley McAllister 5-19-26
McClelland, ______Nora CrispRobert McClennand10-2-18
McClelland, EllaMoriah ScottAlfred Young2-20-15
McClelland, IsaacLucy Sudderth
McClelland, Lucy

McClelland, Lucy

McClain, KennethLillie HoganBascomb McClain10-14-22
McClain, PaulOmie Hogan Bascomb McClain 12-8-23
McClure, Baby GirlCallie StilesManuel McClure7-7-24
McClure, Ula BelleMelissa EvansGeorge McClure6-8-18
McClure, FlorenceFlorence DossyJames Dossy7-26-24
McClure, GeorgiaMargaret MooreJackson Evans7-18-14
McClure, HowardMattie RogersJohn McClure2-10-14
McClure, MalissaSarah EvansJohn Evans
McClure, MelvinLillie BrooksonBud McClure4-13-25
McCombs, ______ Anne Sudderth R.D. McCombs 9-17-24
McCombs, Bettie Ann Sudderth Robert McCombs4-13-18
McCombs, ThomasElla BettisDr. W.S. McCombs11-28-26
McCoy, ______ Lillie RobertsSherman McCoy2-28-18
McCurry, GusLinda RameyJames McCurry4-30-26
McDonald, ______
Rolin McDonald5-1-14
McDonald, ______Cathryn SneedT.C. McDonald8-3-23
McDonald, Baby GirlRuth LovingoodWalter McDonald4-28-24
McDonald, Dewey LawtonLousie WhiteThomas McDonald3-8-23
McDonald, H.A.

McDonald, James

McDonald, Katy
David Taylor 11-1-15
McDonald, LutherLaura WhiteT.C. McDonald3-8-23
McDonald, MaryCatherine TaylorFelix Painter11-20-21
McDonald, Thomas ClingmanHarriett DavidsonJohn McDonald7-8-21
McDonald, WestMary PantherJohn McDonald7-10-19
McGee, Mrs. JessieMary JohnsonJ.E. McGee 4-23-12
McGee, Martha

McGuire, ______
Bill McGuire00-00-12
McGuire, ElizabethRebecca LoweryJacob Baker1-1-18
McGuire, HelenDorothy ParkerWilliam Arrowood6-4-20
McGuire, SheridanAddie KimseyG.L. McGuire1-14-15
McGuire, ThomasMarie FonyatesMichael McGuire1-22-15
McGuire, W.H.Molly HensonNicholas McGuire8-19-21
McHan, John PattonSarah TruettHardy McHan6-8-18
McHan, Sarah Mary DehartSoloman Truitt2-6-15
McIver, EffieJennie ColvardWinston Davidson3-28-15
parents should be Mary Jane "Jennie" Colvard and Samuel Winslow Davidson
per Robert Winslow Davidson/TD>>
McJenkins, CharlesElizabeth CookCharles McJenkins3-2-25
McJenkins, JamesRuth YoungWilliam McJenkins10-12-26
McJenkins, VinaAnnie EllisRobert Jones10-24-24
McKee, Ernest
J.M. McKee5-22-16
McKinney, AlexanderOssie BurgisBass McKinney10-23-23
McKinney, (Col.) Henry Bass

McKinney, VestaMay PattonKenneth McKinney5-11-23
McLelland, Olive CorneliaVictoria McCleanMcDaniel Payne12-13-17
McMillian, Lydia
William Roberts 11-14-22
McMillian, W.M.

McNabb, ______ Rose ClontsMilton McNabb1-8-18
McNabb, Bell MarthaNancy McClureW.L. McNabb1-17-19
McNabb, J.M.Celia AndersonW.L. McNabb 4-3-26
McNabb, TravisNora NickeyH.B. McNabb1-28-26
McNabb, WindellEdna AndersonLonnie McNabb12-28-25
McTaggart, Francis AnnBettie RichardAca James3-13-16
McTaggart, John WashingtonCindy TurnerSamuel McTaggot4-1-26

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