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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Pace, ______May ThomasLaney Pace6-1-15
Pace, AveryNannie QueenJames Pace10-20-18
Pace, Wayne EarnestBirdie NealEarl Pace1-3-16
Pack, BennettLula ColensonJ.H. Pack6-5-22
Pack, Lydia AnnNancy WalkerJoseph Burger6-26-27
Padgett, Elmer Stepp______ HeneseeJessie Stepp11-26-26
Padgette, HazelEthel McTaggartBascomb L. Padgette3-6-14
Palmer, Baby BoyElla GabbyLeonard Palmer1-2-25
Palmer, Baby BoyBessie HollandAvery Palmer6-13-21
Palmer, AliceSusie ArwoodGeorge Palmer4-1-16
Palmer, Mrs. AveryRoxanna MartinAllen Holland6-28-21
Palmer, Catherine_____________Henry Moss2-4-20
Palmer, Dolly_____________J. Fish6-9-21
Palmer, FrankNellie Dockery______ Palmer6-4-17
Palmer, JakeViana LunsfordEli Palmer1-23-25
Palmer, JesseSallie HuskinThomas Palmer7-24-14
Palmer, LesterFlora DockeryOliver Palmer1-11-15
Palmer, N.Ida SneedW. Palmer3-30-25
Palmer, RossAlice MillsapRobert Palmer1-29-19
Palmer, Sallie_____________John McDonald5-21-23
Palmer, Vina_____________Eli Lunsford6-1-23
Palmer, WaitselR. LovingoodJohn Palmer10-21-18
Palmer, WilliamVina LunsfordEli Palmer2-24-16
Palmer, WorthNora McDonaldDale Palmer3-2-15
Panther, AlfredSallie BoydAmos Panther11-24-12
Panther, ElizabethAlice LemonsRobert Panther7-19-27
Panther, EllenMary WilsonLee Panther10-10-21
Panther, MarthaElizabeth HarleyJames Panther11-5-15
Panther, Nancy_____________Ranger Hyde10-1-18
Panther, Roxie__________________________10-2-25
Panther, Sam_____________Hugh Panther5-10-23
Paris, EmeliaEva AllisonL_____ Potts3-21-26
Paris, JamesB. GunterDavid Paris10-7-25
Parker, DonaldMary GarronFred Parker5-25-24
Parker, JackOmma Parker_____________4-24-20
Parker, JamesLeony BlythJohnathan Parker3-31-15
Parker, Mrs. Mae_____________J.F. Adams6-11-26
Parker, WilliamAdaline VanoyWillis Parker4-14-18
Parry, OwenFairelee LaughterOwen Thomas Parry5-18-16
Parton, Newton JasperNancy MinieGeorge W. Parton10-25-26
Passon, Fred_____________B.J. Passon4-12-14
Paterson, ClarenceEustice MurphyGeorge Paterson4-10-15
Patete, WilliamCarie GarisonJohn Patete8-23-23
Patterson, ______Nettie BlantonFred Patterson10-30-17
Patterson, Baby BoyEffie BellWillard Patterson7-2-26
Patterson, James LeonardNettie BlantonFred Patterson9-28-21
Patterson, Mary_____________Nathen Hicks8-5-16
Patterson, Mary AdelineSallie McElroyWade W. Hampton9-22-18
Patton, ______Lillie BellG.B. Patton9-3-22
Patton, AlousJonni ThomasBud Patton12-13-26
Patton, C.S.Nancy LittleWilliam Patton10-2-25
Patton, Harry T.Maggie ______John E. Patton6-25-22
Patton, HenryLillie BellDr. S.B. Patton3-14-21
Patton, James RyleyMary ChanceJoe Patton11-26-25
Patton, Martha_____________William Meroney4-14
Payne, ______Ethal FlemmingBaily Payne9-22-14
Payne, ______Ida WeeseI.H. Payne3-29-16
Payne, Baby BoyDora GladsonOliver Payne5-25-27
Payne, Baby BoyDora GladsonArnold Payne5-25-27
Payne, CarlBertha ClahounBill Payne9-10-27
Payne, EdithEmma CrispL.P. Payne4-21-18
Payne, ElizabethElizabeth SmithDavid Johnson3-2-19
Payne, FannieEdith NicholsonWill Fair4-2-21
Payne, MaryNancy Johnson?eat Laney12-31-17
Payne, RalphMary Jane Payne_____________12-25-15
Payne, ThomasMary PayneElsberry Payne9-8-26
Pendergrass, MonroeNancy DellaJohn Pendergrass4-19-26
Pendergrass, Oliver HenryNancy LedbetterNorman Pendergrass11-28-23
Pendland, Benjamin H.__________________________10-30-20
Pendley, Sallie BarnettEliza McGuireJim Barnett4-28-22
Perry, HannaDollie Alexander_____________3-4-25
Perry, MableLaura N.William Sudderth2-6-14
Perry, Sidney_____________B. Perry1-22-23
Phillips, AndrewVina MorganWiley Phillips5-1-24
Phillips, CarolineMyra GraggDavid Carpenter12-15-27
Phillips, EdithNorma M_____Harley Phillips3-7-27
Phillips, EstellaCandas Scott_____________9-9-20
Phillips, Mrs. HarriettPatsy CollinsWesley Piercy8-7-23
Phillips, JamesJosie FarrLee Phillips1-18-12
Phillips, James MarionNancy EdwardWesley Phillips7-16-14
Phillips, JinneyJinney HoldenJ. Holden12-13
Phillips, John_____________J. Phillips12-18-24
Phillips, John J._____________Spencer Phillips11-10-18
Phillips, John WilliamVina M.W. Phillips1-4-20
Phillips, JuliaPerlina DouglasJames Ballew3-23-22
Phillips, LizzieIra MoodyCaleb Winfrey4-23-15
Phillips, Luella LaneDella L.J.P. Phillips12-26-15
Phillips, NebraskaAlice HamptonWilliam Phillips5-1-15
Phillips, VivaWinnie Hol_________________8-25-26
Picklesimer, ______Nora SimonsR.B. Picklesimer2-22-23
Picklesimer, AlbertJane AdamsBurt Pickelsimer3-24-21
Picklesimer, Catherine__________________________8-11-17
Picklesimer, DavidLucinda VaughGeorge Picklesimer2-5-25
Picklesimer, EffieLissie Montgomer_____________2-29-16
Picklesimer, FletcherLela HambyCharlie Picklesimer7-14-23
Picklesimer, GeorgeM. FoxAbraham Picklesimer3-21-24
Picklesimer, IcemRose Ann AdamsBenson Picklesimer11-21-27
Pickens, Baby BoyEva SuderthRichmond Pickens12-19-21
Pierce, William PowellPhronia RossBill Pierce7-27-20
Piercy, BettieAlice TathamJefferson D. Piercy10-23-18
Piercy, DutchEmaline PiercyDavid Arrowood12-15-14
Piercy, L. __________________________4-18-25
Piercy, Mary JaneElizabeth CollettJack Conley11-17-13
Pinkerton, Doshia AliceAllie WattsWilliam Bearer1-9-16
Pipes, ______Ruth QueenWilliam Pipes11-xx-22
Pipes, Bessie N._____________A.C. Gregory10-28-15
Plemmons, James__________________________7-3-14
Poindexter, J.__________________________4-10-25
Post, Mrs. EthelMartha GaddisJ.M. Withrow3-5-23
Post, John Sr. __________________________1-xx-22
Postell, ______Eunice MathesonJ. Thomas Postell5-14-19
Postell, ______Eunice MathesonJ. Thomas Matheson5-14-19
Postell, Elizabeth JaneElizabeth AdamsJames Carter3-23-17
Postell, ErnestEllen GilliumL.J. Postell1-13-27
Postell, EuniceMargaret LovenConley Mathes5-25-19
Postell, Floyd NealFlorence May WestAndrew Neal Postell10-11-17
Postell, John_____________Alex Postell6-2-14
Powell, DickZadie McClureElehue Powell9-8-21
Powell, Elvira JaneSallie JohnsonE.G. Morrow2-2-18
Price, ClingmanMary LoudermilkZacariah Price3-8-14
Price, FranklinCarrie BellOrle Price9-19-22
Price, Lou Ida_____________Ryly Lindsey9-23-20
Price, MandaElmina WylerSylvester Wallace5-20-25
Price, Norman__________________________4-30-25
Price, William R.Linna LeeEdgar Price_______
Prince, Annie BellTilda LedfordGeorge Prince3-26-27
Pullium, ___________________John Pullium3-11-26
Pullium, Baby BoyInez Pullium_____________11-22-25
Pullium, RobertMay MorrowJohn Pullium7-9-25
Pullium, Virgil LonMira MartinJas. Taylor Pullium7-5-23

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