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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Radford, ______Mettie BrannonRay Radford6-3-23
Radford, AllieMissouri YoungSamuel Radford10-10-16
Radford, Andrew JacksonKatherine DockeryCurtis Radford11-17-13
Radford, Callie NinaRose LovingoodJohn F. Davidson12-1-22
Radford, ColumbusJane DavidsonJames Radford4-15-24
Radford, CurtisMelinda WaldroupJames Radford11-12-15
Radford, EdwardPaline RobertsGeorge Radford6-1-25
Radford, LillieNancy GarrettColumbus Radford1-30-14
Radford, MaryKatherine DockeryCurtis Radford4-2-21
Ramsey, ______Liddie VoylesJack Ramsey5-5-16
Ramsey, Baby BoyFrancis RamseyRagan Ramsey12-12-21
Raper, ______Mary Jane NicholsonMarshel Raper1-2-14
Raper, BurlDillie TurnerLou Raper11-11-14
Raper, ClemDora KilpatrickMark Raper12-8-20
Raper, EttisSusie RaperJohn Robberson10-7-20
Raper, FloydSallie TurnerW.T. Raper9-21-20
Raper, HoytDillie TurnerTom Raper9-XX-20
Raper, Mary JaneNancy ReynoldsWilliam N. Nicholson1-17-14
Raper, Sarah_____________Waren Ingram3-19-18
Ratcliff, AronOna TownsendW.H. Ratcliff6-22-21
Ratcliff, Troy JohnEssie HowellElmer Ratclif7-23-23
Raxter, ______Eva ClarkJames Raxter12-20-15
Raxter, Baby BoyHettie LedbetterJames Raxter6-24-29
Raxter, Baby BoyMattie NeilVictor Raxter1-24-21
Raxter, AdelineVina Newman_____________7-15-21
Raxter, BillieSalesta WestDillie Raxter9-3-25
Raxter, FloraMary AdamsJames Raxter8-13-20
Raxter, MattieLouise ShipmonJames Neil1-26-21
Raxter, NelseAdaline NewmanWesley Raxter11-26-22
Raxter, WilliamGenna SmithHarrison Raxter5-5-23
Ray, Montevail__________________________12-20-13
Reagan, Mrs. lauraCora WestNoah Fouts6-8-15
Rector, Miss MaryChristine DykesNoah Rector5-28-21
Reed, NancyNettie PalmerJessie Roberts9-14-16
Reese, AddieEtta PayneJ.M. Reese7-29-20
Reese, Mary AnnMary JadeJohn Fairow8-23-23
Reid, ElbertElizabeth MashburnRobert Reid10-11-17
Reid, Enoch BirtBarbara AllenElbert Reid6-6-20
Reid, Hoyt Parks______ LedfordSam Reid5-23-26
Renells, ______Pauline KincaidAlford Renells12-26-24
Renfroe, Will__________________________11-2-16
Reynolds, R. L. Loucinda Pickens_____________2-17-19
Reynolds, Sarah JaneLaura BooneJoel P. Reynolds3-22-17
Rhodes, Baby BoyBerwitt GravesWill Rhodes1-3-24
Rhodes, Baby BoyK. GroganGeorge Rhodesxx-xx-25
Rice, AdaMargaret JonesRobert Montgomery9-1-25
Rice, G.E. Jr.Emma AndersonGomer Rice7-1-27
Richardson, James Mason______ ScottJohn Michael Richardson1-20-14
Ricks, HughEliza MartinCleveland H. Ricks9-16-22
Ricks, JewelEliza MartinCleveland Ricks5-26-15
Ricks, Laura SimondsFlora PassmoreW.B. Simonds8-16-14
Ricks, Sarah______ GarrisonGeorge Monteith10-12-15
Right, Baby BoyEliza Right_____________7-7-14
Right, JohnFannie RightJohn Stiles11-13-14
Rinehart, MaudeSarah BurwisJoseph Patton4-2-19
Roberson, E.E.Sarah PayneJ.R. Robinson8-27-16
Roberson, Mary E. I. WoodJ.M. Kilpatrick12-xx-18
Roberson, Rachel______ MashburnBobby Reid3-7-20
Roberson, Samuel_____________Edward Roberson4-18-16
Roberson, William AllenSally KelerJack Roberson11-21-15
Roberts, ______Mollie RobertsFranklin Roberts8-13-16
Roberts, Baby BoyNettie KilbyWilliam Roberts7-7-21
Roberts, Baby BoyCallie BrysonRobert Roberts2-10-22
Roberts, AnnieNancy LunsfordGeorge Dockery7-23-22
Roberts, D. Ollie ColemanJ.D. Roberts4-23-27
Roberts, DavidSusan EvansWilliam Roberts11-16-15
Roberts, FrankLee HughesJames Roberts8-15-26
Roberts, IreneSally BrysonJames Roberts1-15-20
Roberts, James BonePolly AllenReason Roberts11-16-21
Roberts, JohnGenettie KilbyWilliam Roberts5-6-22
Roberts, Joseph RollinS.C. SchacklefordW.S. Roberts6-22-21
Roberts, LucilleSallie BrysonJames Roberts6-9-22
Roberts, LufronePolley BarnetteWilliam Shackleford4-8-15
Roberts, OlenOllie ColemanJohn Roberts9-15-14
Roberts, SallieMargaret BellJohn Bryson5-26-22
Roberts, Sarah Emeline______WilliamsWilliam Boyd7-29-15
Robertson, John_____________Jessie Robertson8-12-17
Robertson, MargaretSallie MesserJohn Green9-20-23
Robinson, ______Bertha BruceOscar Robinson2-10-19
Robinson, ______Dixie McTaggartHughie Robinson12-15-20
Robinson, BerthaMargarite WaldroupC. Bruce2-11-19
Robinson, CallieLizzie Bruce______ Robinson2-9-19
Robinson, Calvin______ CaylorM.J. Robinson9-24-23
Robinson, Joseph L.Jane Turner______ Robinson6-14-14
Robinson, MaryJane TurnerLeander Robinson7-16-23
Robinson, N.E.__________________________7-13-24
Robinson, Samuel_____________Robert Robinson4-18-16
Robinson, SethJane TurnerLee Robinson7-9-25
Rodgers, AliceEdna WarrenOscar Rodgers3-19-23
Rodger, Dora_____________Jake Davis1-2-22
Rogers, _________________________ Rogers5-21-15
Rogers, ________________________________xx-xx-xx
Rogers, AddieJosie DalrympleGeorge rogers11-20-16
Rogers, AneilEmily CooperA. Rogers3-1-14
Rogers, BettieKatherine DonnerJames Case4-14-17
Rogers, Capt. A.Emily Cooper_____________2-18-14
Rogers, EmilyViolet MackeyJames Cooper2-14-21
Rogers, JamesMargurite PenlandJohn Rogers5-26-21
Rogers, Laura_____________William Couger12-23-13
Rogers, Matilda__________________________10-2-25
Rogers, SlestyHettie WestCharly Rogers10-13-25
Rogers, Thomas E. Flora GibbyJames Rogers10-15-16
Rogers, WilliamMyrtle GibbyJim Rogers3-1-18
Rogers, William M.Hilda RogersJames Rogers1-31-21
Roland, EdnaCal. K. Walter Roland9-22-24
Roland, Mattie HarrisonIda LedofrdE.L. Passmore3-19-20
Rominger, AllieOrpha RobertsMiles Thompson10-13-14
Rondall, LottieHester RondallArthur Rondall5-27-24
Root, AnneAnne LounisAlbert Lounis11-22-19
Roper, Easter___________________ Hughes11-13-25
Rose, Buenah FarleeLucy WilkinsCharles Rose3-20-18
Rose, GladysMary BurgerGideon Rose1-23-17
Rose, Mrs. Harriett______ Loudermilk______ Bryson1-29-23
Rose, IsabellAnna NoggleLogan Whitner6-15-16
Rose, Jesla_____________Thomas Lenderman7-12-24
Rose, John H. Rebecca HenleyJohn J. Rose4-10-23
Rose, StephenMargarett BrysonJohn Rose7-29-14
Ross, HettieDonna Balinger_____________10-13-20
Rue, RobertAlma ______Robert Rue7-13-25
Runion, AaronLorina BrownJames Runion1-10-26
Runion, George WashingtonNancy JohnsonJohn Runion5-4-20
Runion, LorinaEliza JonesAlex Brown11-23-26

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