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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Sales, ErnieJanie GroonL.P. Sales10-9-24
Sanders, Dock__________________________8-16-16
Sarth, Carrie__________________________8-xx-16
Saterfield, EdwardLula WardW.E. Saterfield4-4-19
Satterfield, ______Elizabeth GarrettThomas Satterfield8-22-19
Satterfield, Bessie LeeNancy ColemanJames Morgan9-4-26
Satterfield, LizzieSarah SeaboltP.M. Garrett7-5-26
Satterfield, Lucinda_____________Wesley Walker7-18-32
Savage, SusanAddie CraggBenjamin Harriss1-8-23
Scott, Candas EmilaMary ScottJohn Scott1-14-17
Seager, CharlesLizzie MyersT.R. Seager4-19-25
Self, ArmindaCharlata BirdHenderson Hicks7-10-22
Self, Mrs. EllaMargaret CarrollB.S. Stiles6-1-20
Self, PearlGrace Self_____________1-3-26
Self, WillieEthel CearlyE.Self6-xx-25
Semercy, Charles EArlMartha CagleyCharles Semercy10-24-26
Shackelford, InezEva RoseCharles Shackelford11-30-15
Sharp, DorothyFlora ______L.J. Sharp8-10-24
Shahan, Mary__________________________8-10-12
Sherrill, HesterHester CampbellL.L. Sherrill5-5-21
Sherwood, Virginia______ LewisDavid Shull9-30-12
Shields, ______Nettie HickeyJ.B. Shields10-28-20
Shields, Baby GirlElizabeth EvansE.L. Shields1-31-21
Shields, Baby BoyMary FoxLuther Shields12-2-23
Shields, Baby GirlFlossie WareGeorge Shields11-30-23
Shields, Baby BoyBertha FortesHarley Shields11-31-23
Shields, AdaJosie LawrenceArthur Shields2-25-25
Shields, ArnettSallie LongHan Shields12-2-14
Shields, BerthaDovie QueenWill Forrester11-31-23
Shields, PerlieJosie LawrenceAuthor Shields5-4-21
Shronce, Baby GirlHester BirchfieldCharley Shronce8-16-16
Sidney, Perry_____________B. Perry1-22-23
Siler, KateLula SuttonW.P. Wiley7-21-15
Silver, Lola MayDelsie WillisMark Silvers6-1-21
Simmons, Mrs. IdaJane ______John Adams7-12-16
Simonds, A.L.Lucinda JohnsonJohn R. Simonds1-15-27
Simonds, James E. JrM. LoudermilkJames Simonds2-6-21
Simonds, Lucinda______ SmithDavid Johnson1-23-21
Simon, MaryKissie LandHusis Beaver2-6-15
Slaughter, Jacob EdwardManda WigginsMatt Slaughter4-12-12
Smart, Dora_____________John Clemens6-24-16
Smith, ______Clarency RobertsonBunyon Smith11-23-2?
Smith, ______Emma SaterfieldJ.H. Smith12-20-2?
Smith, ______Lillie MulkeyGrady Smith10-31-2?
Smith, BelleSarah ColeJoseph Murphy2-15-21
Smith, DonaldHettie DockeryOscar Smith3-14-21
Smith, EstherDora Buchanan______ Pendland10-28-1?
Smith, Ida______ EarwoodWarren Smith5-1-22
Smith, James Joe_____________B. Smith10-4-23
Smith, LanaElizabeth HardinM.V. Smith4-5-23
Smith, LloydHettie DockeryDock Smith3-24-24
Smith, LouiseMary ClarkDolphus Smith2-28-19
Smith, MaryArosey HodgeJames Clark3-2-19
Smith, MaryannBetsie MossBill Smith5-7-21
Smith, Nannie LauraLaura JenkinsWilliam Smith10-16-1?
Smith, NebraskaSamantha RiceW.H. Phillips4-24-15
Smith, PakeNellie BeaverWill Hardin10-31-18
Smith, Ruth Virginia__________________________8-31-15
Smith, VanLindy TallisonLonzy Smith3-25-13
Sneed, Baby BoyMyrtle DickeyNeil Sneed8-9-25
Sneed, BenJane LovingoodFrank Sneed1-21-22
Sneed, Mrs. Bob_____________Jack Dockery9-14-20
Sneed, DarrisMary H. SwainJasper Sneed8-24-2?
Sneed, DorothyMargarett SneedJasper Sneed9-2-22
Sneed, EdithHassie RogersHenry Sneed8-7-22
Sneed, Frank__________________________6-6-14
Sneed, Frank_____________Morgan Sneed8-21-14
Sneed, JaneyNancy GentryW.S. Gentry11-15-24
Sneed, JoanLettie FoxWill Sneed3-13-20
Sneed, Morgan__________________________10-9-24
Sneed, Richard HenryCelia HarperJ.S. Sneed12-26-21
Sneed, RubyMary McMillianWalter Sneed8-20-26
Sneed, Sarah__________________________12-1-24
Soesbee, Leila_____________John Highsmith4-24-23
Solesbee, LeonardNola CreasmanWillie Solesbee4-30-26
Solesbee, WillieJosie YoungMartin Solesbee10-9-25
Solesby, Mrs. MabelMattie KillianDock Hartness7-5-22
Solesby, MildredMattie ______D. Hartness7-5-22
Southerands, BonnieMiss Hans SynderA.W. Southerands1-19-16
Sparks, EscoLaura RougeG.N. Sparks6-15-21
Spivia, William HenryLouise SpiviaJohn Spivia12-23-22
Spivey, ______Eva JonesJohn Thomas Spivey10-21-14
Spivey, Charles ClementElla SharpJames Ashely Spivey7-14-20
Spivey, James AsburyCortina EdwardsJohn Spivey7-30-20
Stalcup, ______Antha LongJohn Stalcup9-5-17
Stalcup, Alice LuellaMartha GreenJames H. Stalcup12-23-23
Stalcup, BlainRebecca H.W.T. Clark11-9-18
Stalcup, Charlie JaneBertie CochanJohn Starnes6-7-16
Stalcup, J. WoodH. HyattJohn Stalcup9-15-16
Stalcup, JamesEvaline YoungJessie Stalcup10-26-21
Stalcup, NoraSarah StalcupM.B. Hyatt2-16-25
Stalcup, Shade B.Mary MontiethGeorge Y. Stalcup7-14-21
Stalcup, T.B.Mrs. HyattWilliam Staclup12-7-15
Stalcup, Thomas__________________________12-29-16
Stalcup, TinaRachel ThompsonAndrew Roberts9-9-16
Stallcup, Charlie B.Ellen HallC.B. Stallcup9-23-14
Stamey, ______Mary LovinVictor Stamey5-5-14
Stamey, GeorgeRebeca HunterJack Stamey1-29-22
Stamey, IvaBell LoveVictor Stamey1-10-15
Stamey, ViolaLula LoveVictor Stamey3-1-14
Standridge, ConiaLiza McDowellLige Standridge7-4-27
Standridge, J.Elizabeth HamptonJohn Standridge1-13-24
Stansberry, NellieMinnie RagleJames Stansberry7-19-20
Stepheson, Mrs. E. __________________________12-31-23
Stewart, CynthiaElizabeth BlantonT.J. Blanton5-6-16
Stewart, HaroldMary ______N. Stewart9-25-24
Stewart, IdaMay ColemanThomas Crowder4-27-24
Stewart, SusanRietha McJenkinsWilliam McJenkins5-29-23
Stewman, ______Eva Stewman_____________4-20-15
Stiles, ______Parlee ManchesterQuitman Stiles1-4-16
Stiles, ______Cara Stiles_____________11-16-20
Stiles, ______Docie PayneWilliam E. Stiles4-4-18
Stiles, Baby GirlMayme BighamRobert C. Stiles5-30-22
Stiles, Baby GirlBonie SimondsR.V. Stiles5-28-25
Stiles, BerthaMollie PackElie Jones10-23-27
Stiles, BertHarriett ParkerDock Stiles10-22-22
Stiles, BirthaOllie BurgisShurman Stiles3-27-24
Stiles, Clara JaneJane HallJohn Ingram6-11-21
Stiles, CoraElizabeth HarrisMike Decker10-8-18
Stiles, EmerryLara WalkerBill Stiles6-10-19
Stiles, FrankAllie VoilsWill Stiles6-16-15
Stiles, HarriettMary IngramEli Parker2-7-26
Stiles, J.D. Bulah FairS.S. Stiles11-16-20
Stiles, JimeyDocie PayneManuel Stiles10-2-15
Stiles, John M.Tilda SuttonBill Stiles4-27-27
Stiles, JuanitaMyrtle StilesErnest Stiles6-1-25
Stiles, MaryOllie BurgessSherman Stiles1-1-28
Stiles, MaryCaroline Wallace______ Kelley6-12-27
Stiles, MargetNancy LedfordRufus Carroll2-21-26
Stiles, May A. ___________________ Sutton7-22-17
Stiles, May BellHarriett ParkerT.S. Stiles3-20-22
Stiles, MiriaFrancis JonesFletcher McCoggins11-24
Stiles, Ollie VonMartha NoggleJames Burgess1-7-16
Stiles, QuentinonSarah ______N.J. Stiles5-11-20
Stiles, RayHattie AndersonColumbus Stiles7-16-26
Stiles, RebeccaNancy RevisJ.W. Stamey2-4-17
Stiles, RexHattie AndersonColumbus Stiles6-30-26
Stiles, RubyNettie PattersonElisha Stiles10-8-19
Stiles, Warren G. Birtha JonesClate Stiles7-7-23
Stiles, William FranklynJasie CearlyEd Stiles7-30-21
Stiles Wince MafordBertha JonesClayton Stiles1-14-21
Stillman, George__________________________4-25-24
Stonsberry, LewisE. Freeman_____________1-26-22
Stover, William Miborn______ HealyJacob Stover10-31-16
Strange, Mary__________________________8-19-24
Stratham, J.__________________________2-21-23
Stroud, WilliamLavada BarrettBergean Stroud7-23-16
Sudderth, Della______ EasterGeorge Coping4-25-23
Sudderth, HenryLaura Harshaw_____________3-15-19
Sudderth, Laura_____________Bill Hatchett5-15-20
Sudderth, Laura__________________________4-1-15
Suddeth, AnnieLaura SuddethBob Suddeth4-8-26
Suddeth, FlorenceElla Suddeth_____________8-6-25
Suddeth, FredEmma PruettHenry Suddeth7-21-24
Suddeth, HenriettaLaura SuddethBob Suddeth9-12-23
Suddith, WillLaura Suddith_____________4-10-26
Suddreth, ______Cecil WyleyFrank Suddreth12-14-22
Suddreth, JuncieClara SuddrethSam Caston6-10-22
Suit, Nancy JaneSarah ChurchsidesIsham West4-13-16
Suite, Samuel H.Martha CearbyJohnson Suite8-26-18
Sumner, BerniceHettie RathboneGrocer Summer7-24-21
Sumner, MattieElla MooreJoseph Tatham2-9-16
Sumney, ______Dorothy RobertsCharles Sumney2-4-18
Sutherland, L. J._____________J. Bartly1-29-21
Swain, W.F. _____________Henry Swain4-20-22
Swan, JohnLucinda BloomHenry Swan7-31-25
Swan, John FranklinMary E. HamuckFrank W. Swain7-2-16
Swaney, Elizabeth__________________________7-1-14
Swanson, MatildaElmira JonesAbraham Elrod4-12-19
Sword, FrankL. SwordP.H. Sword9-28-14

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