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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Tabor, Baby BoyCarrie PiercyTruet Tabor3-11-24
Tabor, GuyLillie BrysonWilliam Tabor11-30-22
Tabor, William RoyLillie BrysonWilliam W. Tabor12-1-22
Talent, Kate CharlotteDora ClarkWilliam Talent8-22-16
Tate, Wilburn Van_____________Thomas Frank Tate12-13-17
Tatham, Amy ArkendalCaroline WinfreyJames Wright1-31-26
Tatham, BartonMay PhillipsThomas Craig Tatham3-3-26
Tatham, CharleySallie MooreLee B. Tatham8-16-17
Tatham, CoraMary Tatham_____________6-24-18
Tatham, Mary JoeAnn SudderthRobert McCombs1-18-23
Tatham, Sarah ElizabethMartha ConleyCharlie Moore7-20-26
Tatham, StellaSarah HuskinsJack Dunlap4-28-13
Taylor, ______Essie Roena Waldroup______ Taylor12-11-18
Taylor, AllenSarah CrawfordHenry Taylor2-4-18
Taylor, CynthiaLucinda HarrisMike Decker6-xx-14
Taylor, ElvaMamie WilkinsonW.V. Taylor1-5-16
Taylor, EmerSarah RobersonT.M. Taylor3-19-19
Taylor, Hollis RaeVandora MossLester Taylor9-25-15
Taylor, IsaacMargaret LandsHenderson Taylor1-2-16
Taylor, LoromaMary N. LedfordWalter Taylor1-16-19
Taylor, Marshall__________________________11-9-16
Taylor, Mrs. Mattie L.Salinda ParrisT.D. Welch4-14-23
Taylor, MylesPolly RigbyDavid Taylor5-19-20
Taylor, RhodaRhoda Payne John Ledford11-1-25
Taylor, SarahElizabeth ReidJohn Roberson4-24-25
Taylor, Willie NellMatter BeaverW.B. Taylor8-27-26
Taylor, WrightSallie SliderHarold Taylor12-21-19
Teague, ______Mattie BeasleyMorris Teague1-9-21
Teague, JesieAmanda HartnessJ.F. Garland9-23-23
Teague, Pairlee_____________Solomon Miller1-14-16
Teza, Dan__________________________1-23-24
Thomas, BessieBessie BeanesGordon Thomas10-2-14
Thomas, Flora_____________Bud Thomas9-3-16
Thomas, SarahSallie RusselJames Kimsey7-28-25
Thomasson, LoydEfie JohnsonT.J. Thomasson12-19-18
Thompson, ______Rebecca BurgessWilliam Thompson1-12-16
Thompson, Bona WilmaNala DereberryGranville Thompson5-1-23
Thompson, ClydeMollie SherrillJames Cregg7-20-19
Thompson, Cora S.Geroba YorkGranville Thompson10-24-19
Thompson, Flora MaeLetha BurrellSamuel Thompson12-2-17
Thompson, Guy AlexanderMinie DerreberryCarey Thompson7-16-15
Thompson, LouRickey PattersonLee Thompson6-23-14
Thompson, MinnieMartha JohnsonMarcus Dereberry8-13-16
Thompson, ParaleeClyde SherrillMilas Thompson4-7-20
Thompson, PhoebeJane Ellis_____________1-30-21
Thompson, RobertJane FieldsNehemiah Thompson4-14-15
Thompson, Ruth_____________Henry Estep8-16-14
Thompson, Sarah EmalineBlanche BattleM.D. Thompson10-30-17
Thompson, StanleyLaura KingJohn Thompson1-23-22
Thompson, ViolaClyde SherrillMilas Thompson5-12-20
Thorton, JamesSarah T.W.B. Thorton9-10-19
Thorton, Willie___________________ Westfield11-19-24
Tilson, Henry J._____________Jacob Tilson1-23-22
Tilson, HowardAllie BartyO.L. tilson7-25-15
Tilson, J.G.Jane BradleyJacob Tilson2-18-18
Tilson, LinerdAllie BailyOscar L. Tilson12-21-18
Tilson, KerlHattie PayneW.O. Tilson2-24-16
Tilson, SarahMary RoadesAustin Bradley5-18-25
Timpson, Lum_____________James Timpson6-15-21
Tipton, John_____________JAke Tipton7-31-18
Totherow, ______Elizabeth PostellAlexander Totherow5-14-15
Totherow, EllaElizabeth PostellAlexander Totherow9-25-16
Totherow, Fannie LeeAddie YoungCharley Totherow9-30-15
Totherow, Ricahrd PiersonLizzie PostellAlexander Totherow8-1-22
Tothrow, FrederickNora RichF.N. Tothrow11-18-25
Towns, A. Don__________________________12-12-13
Townson, ______Eliza BruceJ.C. Townson4-29-17
Townson, Hoyt_____________Elisha Townson2-20-21
Trammell, MaryannIda MorganRobert Morgan4-20-21
Trantham, EllaGilla SwansonJ.M. Trantham9-11-25
Trantham, John C.Gilla SwansonJohn Trantham10-2-25
Truett, ______Oeta RobertsElliott Truett9-21-14
Truett, ______Hester MostellerBurt Truett9-20-15
Truett, KittyCilia ReeceJoe Patterson10-9-19
Truett, Martha AnnElizabeth TaylorW. Hardin11-1-26
Truett, Susan O.Eliza MooreRichard Moore4-15-20
Truette, LillianMarg SmithMartin Truette2-12-19
Truette, MarguriteFannie PendergrassJames Smith2-13-19
Trull, Mrs. J.P.Leona ParkerJohn H. Adams3-5-23
Turner, Harriett_____________William Turner6-12-17
Turner, Jas__________________________9-21-17
Tweed, Joshua__________________________5-15-23

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