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Cherokee County Death Records 1913-1927

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Ramsey Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Name of DeceasedMotherFatherDate of Death
Wakefield, AlbertOllie HollandE. Wakefield9-28-24
Wakefield, EdnaMartha GrantAlfred Lockey9-28-24
Wakefield, Lydia E.Elizabeth TaylorStephen Whitaker4-3-23
Wakefield, SamAnnie MoonThomas Wakefield3-12-15
Waldroup, Baby GirlThelma Waldroup_____________5-27-21
Waldroup, MaryAmanda LovingoodAmos Waldroup12-2-24
Waldroup, SaratGeorgia SmithEdgar Waldroup10-13-1?
Walker, ______Mary StilesJack Walker6-29-15
Walker, ______Minie TownsConley Walker3-24-20
Walker, FlorieMary HallJessie Carrol11-30-1?
Walker, HenryMary StilesJake Walker6-28-15
Walker, IraMary StilesJake Walker11-3-18
Walker, L.Catherin JohnstonL. Walker6-25-16
Walker, Lenna BushingMary HornedJohn Bushing10-28-1?
Walker, Mary JaneNancy RogersJohn Wilson Craig9-12-27
Walker, William PitMargurite ScottWilliam Walker12-13-??
Walsh, JohnAddoe RifusGrover Walsh8-24-25
Ware, H.Bertha MorrowSim Ware4-7-24
Ware, James T.Bertie MorrowS.C. Ware3-__-23
Warren, Ellen_____________Binet King10-15-??
Warren, JoeMatilda HallMitchell Warren3-7-14
Waters, Lennie HildeMartha LovinHiram Waters5-16-16
Watkins, George___________________________4-1-25
Watkins, LauraJane SorrelsElbert Sales8-17-23
Watson, Charlie_____________M.M. Watson8-18-21
Watson, CrawfordSarah McConleyJarvis M. Watson11-11-14
Watson, ElonzoMary ColemanAlbert Watson1-1-20
Watts, SoniaMartha OwensE.M. Hawkins4-17-27
Weatherman, Martha__________________________11-30-19
Weaver, Baby BoyMargie FairKelsey Weaver5-26-24
Weaver, BeliaAtha HatchettT. Brown10-25-26
Weaver, EmmaEmma ______William Ginsler7-20-15
Webb, EldaAddie WhitakerMack Collette5-10-15
Webb, RedMay LutherWilliam Webb7-3-26
Webster, William VaughnNancy ThompsonW.S. Webster10-31-17
Weese, Thomas__________________________3-19-26
Wells, AlbertFannie LovingoodRossie Wells2-22-23
Wells, Laura_____________William Smith2-12-24
Wells, Nolin VictorRachel PenlandJohn Wells12-24-16
West, Baby BoyBertha LedfordLouie West8-10-27
West, Baby BoyNettie WestGeorge West2-18-20
West, AnnieLula AdamsWildon West7-16-19
West, CarlFrankie RogersZeb West6-11-25
West, CloudJessie AdamsSam West11-15-13
West, MalindaPatsy FlemingWilliam Nichols6-28-26
West, MaryPolly AllenReason Roberts7-7-27
West, Mary Jane------ RobertsElisha Weeks12-10-19
West, OraFrankie RogersZeb West5-18-24
West, WilliamSarah BrooksJohn West8-4-22
Whisenhunt, Sarah JaneRachel SmithWilliam ______3-18-18
Whitaker, Baby GirlRosa ______Zeb Whitaker6-20-22
Whitaker, Allie AdamsJosephine PulliumCharles Whitaker2-12-27
Whitaker, JosephineElmira MartinTaylor Pullium4-15-25
Whitaker, RosaMaggie ______Thomas Cameron5-20-24
Whitaker, Sarah AmandaElizabeth TaylorStephen Whitaker5-22-26
White, ____________ HortonPatton White11-15-1?
White, David LawrenceIsabella Sherrell_____________11-21-1?
White, Earn______ GibbyMcClain White5-16-24
White, Elizabeth_____________William Wilson10-13-23
White, EmmaSallie HortonPaaton White11-16-13
White, JonathanSarah GuinsJonathan Morrow White10-14-17
White, Kenneth BryanMartha WilshJasper Taylor11-23-22
White, MandyJane LendermanDavid Mikel11-24-24
White, Patton_____________David White9-1-15
White, PattonElizabeth AllisonDavid White8-28-15
White, William Thomas_____________Berry White5-28-18
Whitener, JoeAnnie WhitenerLogan Whitener4-9-23
Whorley, IreneMargurite EarwoodJames Whorley6-30-20
Wier, Donnie H. Agnes, McIntoshJohn Wier9-21-17
Wiggins, Baby BoyCordelia Wiggins_____________2-20-23
Wiggins, EdgarLona EarleyH_____ Wiggins2-19-19
Wilcox, Baby GirlMaggie MorganPoley Wilcox4-10-21
Wiley, JennieJane ThompsonB.M. Wiley2-13-23
Williams, ______Mary PhillipsWilliam Williams5-19-27
Williams, Austus ThomasBirtie HicksO.P. Williams6-29-15
Williams, CecilEffie ______Donnie Williams5-18-17
Williams, CliffordLenner Belle HensleySam Williams2-1-17
Williams, LauraNancy Smith CampbellPhillip Phillips6-30-15
Williams, WalterCanzada TaylorCris Williams9-5-24
Williamson, DarthaMintie PayneHarris Lee Williamson6-6-23
Williamson, HarrisMary McCLoudA.J. Williamson6-18-23
Williamson, LutherMary McDowellEllie Williamson12-2-23
Williamson, MaryMary GentryLeander McDowell9-14-25
Williamson, PaulineLydia PayneJ.A. Williamson9-21-24
Williamson, RobertLydia PayneJ.A. Williamson10-14-24
Williamson, Mrs. RobertMary Jane SmallsIsaac Tate4-28-21
Willis, MarthaM. GreggDave Carpenter8-28-25
Williss, MaryHarriett ArtonAlfred Rector12-1-21
Wilson, ______Mabell WittIke Wilson11-28-20
Wilson, Baby BoyAnnie LedbetterAuthor Wilson12-11-24
Wilson, Baby BoyMable WittIke Wilson2-22-23
Wilson, Baby GirlCarrie WhitakerHenry Wilson10-27-23
Wilson, Baby GirlCarrie WhitakerHenry Wilson10-27-23
Wilson, Dorothy ElizabethSarah AndersonMonte Wilson3-15-26
Wilson, Harriet Elvira______ AndersonJohn Fair5-25-23
Wilson, Mrs. J.P.Loora WattsBen Flemming1-1-25
Wilson, JosephineDovie MartinStephen Pace3-20-26
Wilson, JosephineMabell WittIke Wilson11-27-20
Wilson, JosieJesie LanksdordZobada Lankford2-__-14
Wilson, MinieVersa GriffethLouis WIlson6-1-16
Wilson, MoremaViola SawyerCharly Wilson3-27-25
Wilson, R.A. Jr.Nony HuskinsR.A. Wilson10-17-24
Wilson, Robert__________________________8-1-14
Wilson, Selma_____________Pat Wilson12-22-22
Wilson, SelmaBettie DyerC.J. Wilson3-2-16
Wilson, ThelmaBettie DyerColumbus Wilson3-2-16
Wilson, Thomas N.Rachel DavisJoseph Wilson2-17-17
Winfrey, IsaacIra MoodyIsaac Winfrey8-19-20
Winfrey, SarahAley SherrillJames Colvard1-25-23
Winkler, GladisSylona SmithB.R. Winkler10-14-24
Winkler, SylonaDeliah WarrickJohn Smith4-18-25
Witherow, SadieOrah WitherowRobert Henson11-14-17
Witherspoon, L.L.Nancy CurtisL. Witherspoon12-30-2?
Withrow, SephusMartha GaddisJoseph Withrow8-28-21
Witt, W.A.______ GormbyRogers Witt1-20-17
Wood, Baby BoyLeatha CollinsJames Wood10--21-23
Wood, Blanche_____________E.D. Lesley7-24-25
Woods, John H.Phoebe BlackWilliam Woods5-6-20
Woods, William L.Margaret H._____________2-25-20
Woody, Baby BoyVira BakerH. Woody4-6-25
Woody, Baby Boy_____________Gus Woody6-7-25
Woody, AlmaAbba CrombieBurton Woody1-23-21
Woody, John DecalbHulda Woody_____________12-9-27
Woody, John HomerElsie Aber CrombieBurt Woody4-3-22
Woody, MinaAnnie YoungAllen Davis7-22-18
Woody, PaulineAlia CileresseJ. Woody6-29-27
Wooten, Baby BoyLaura WigginsAndrew Wooten4-14-23
Wooten, AlbertLaura WigginsAndy Wooten1-12-17
Wooten, AllenLaura WigginsAndy Wooten1-12-17
Wooten , Mrs. BessieM.J. PassmoreW.B. Johnson4-22-17
Worley, Mrs. Charlie__________________________7-__-24
Wright, Baby BoyElla Panther______ Wright4-11-24
Wright Annie DulciaEmily TaylorJack Waters10-18-1?
Wright, Annie DulciniaMary S. WellsErnest B. Wright12-15-2?
Wright, Dora_____________John Read3-9-15
Wright, ElizanMary MontgomeryIsaac Montgomery1-2-14
Wright, EverettLynda EvansThomas Wright2-19-27
Wright, Fred GeorgeMary GeorgeLon Wright3-6-26
Wright, James OliverAddie DockeryHarl Wright1-2-18
Wright, LulaMary HarrisonUte Sherrill10-28-18
Wright, MalindaRebeeca FoutsReuben Evans9-9-22
Wright, Mary A.T.Lucinda ThrashGeorge Thrash12-3-22

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