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Cherokee Indian Census 1835
Preparatory to the Removal 1838
(In what would later become Cherokee County)

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

Indians, Halfbreeds, Quarters and Intermarried Whites

Heads of FamiliesResidence (Streams)No.
John ChristieHiawassee River10
KayaucheeHiawassee River2
HogshooterHiawassee River3
KoiannaHiawassee River5
ChukalukaHiawassee River5
AuseenahHiawassee River6
TauestaneeskeyHiawassee River10
WolatahHiawassee River2
SautacoHiawassee River4
ChewonahHiawassee River7
Johney Wane, Sr. Hiawassee River5
WahhahooHiawassee River5
NancyHiawassee River3
OoteetiheeHiawassee River3
JohnstonHiawassee River6
OokshelaneHiawassee River3
BlueHiawassee River5
ChewlickseeHiawassee River9
SusannahHiawassee River4
NancyHiawassee River6
Johney Wane, Jr. Hiawassee River5
WattatookahHiawassee River4
ColsteeHiawassee River5
SickaweeHiawassee River5
GeorgeHiawassee River7
CatyHiawassee River3
John SmithBig Creek4
Wm. HensonBig Creek9
Jessee RuddleBig Creek3
Grass-hopperBig Creek12
Ball SticksBig Creek4
JaneBig Creek2
RavenBig Creek2
Wm. SmithBig Creek4
Henry SmithBig Creek4
John TimpsonPeach Creek8
John LovePeach Creek3
JinneyPeach Creek10
OostaloftyHanging Dog Creek6
ChewnowhakaHanging Dog Creek8
GeorgeHanging Dog Creek3
Chinaqua, Sr. Hanging Dog Creek3
OwlHanging Dog Creek7
CausehelahHanging Dog Creek5
TiestahHanging Dog Creek12
AusenaHanging Dog Creek3
Young WolfHanging Dog Creek4
John TowieHanging Dog Creek5
Sam OwlHanging Dog Creek5
The AxeHanging Dog Creek8
EteconakeHanging Dog Creek3
OoketullaHanging Dog Creek3
CausulatahHanging Dog Creek5
Nathaniel PeakIsland Ford3
ChinaquaBeaverdam Creek2
SewwacheyBeaverdam Creek14
TigerBeaverdam Creek8
Wally (woman)Beaverdam Creek3
WochesoeBeaverdam Creek4
ChautowieNotley River6
LawlahNotley River6
ChewkeeskeyNotley River6
HogshooterNotley River3
CrawlerNotley River4
BuzzardNotley River4
KayateeNotley River6
Beaver CarrierNotley River5
ChowayokahNotley River6
Big JackNotley River5
Edward FallingNotley River1
James D. WAffordNotley River5
LeechNotley River5
TiyeeskeyNotley River2
Cherokee GeorgeNotley River3
Sam CristyNotley River5
IntoquakeyNotley River6
NannaNotley River4
James RaperNotley River5
Thos. RaperNotley River6
Jesse RaperNotley River10
William CullakeNotley River1
LoochaloeNotley River6
Little JackNotley River5
Dick CristyNotley River6
Mulberry CristyNotley River5
HickorynutNotley River4
Big CanoeNotley River9
ColdwaterNotley River5
NalerNotley River8
LetusstoppNotley River2
BetsyHot House Creek10
KeesuganeHot House Creek6
The EaglePersimmon Creek5
Mocking CrowPersimmon Creek7
OoyahseestPersimmon Creek8
PheasantPersimmon Creek13
ToosuwalterPersimmon Creek3
ChuelstilahPersimmon Creek9
The Going SnakePersimmon Creek8
The Craw FishPersimmon Creek7
SofkinneePersimmon Creek9
Bear PawPersimmon Creek11
RobbinPersimmon Creek8
The FeelerPersimmon Creek4
WayahutteePersimmon Creek2
NickeetiePersimmon Creek2
ColeechahPersimmon Creek2
PunkPersimmon Creek6
The Old HousePersimmon Creek4
The SixkillerPersimmon Creek9
JackeePersimmon Creek7
The MushPersimmon Creek6
Ned CristyValley River10
Night CristyValley River7
Aaron CristyValley River3
Will CristyValley River8
James HawkinsValley River13
LocustValley River6
Nancy Bullett (widow)Valley River8
John WilliamsValley River6
SickatowieValley River8
Salley (woman)Valley River10
JumperValley River6
BuckValley River6
Thos. BigmeatValley River3
Andrew KellValley River2
GroathValley River4
George BushheadValley River6
War ClubValley River11
John HawkinsValley River5
Charles JonesValley River8
Sally HawkinsValley River5
KinnesawValley River5
TunahnalahValley River7
The TopperValley River13
KaskalocValley River4
FodderValley River9
Polly RaperValley River3
SundayValley River9
WitchValley River5
WanenoheeValley River4
CunotiskeyValley River9
CunnotoiskeyValley River3
Nickotic (woman)Valley River5
TegoteeskeyValley River4
JacksonValley River5
Little JohnValley River6
LowinValley River6
John WelchValley River11
Andrew CalbertValley River2
AlakahValley River6
ChaweskahValley River6
LongwindValley River2
KneelingValley River6
Go AboutValley River3
TekahunakaValley River2
FodderValley River7
CuttinheeValley River4
EyahceestValley River3
Gideon MorrisValley River10
NancyValley River7
Jimmey SoldierValley River8
ColsoweeValley River10
UaiheeteeValley River2
Nakee (woman)Valley River6
Sallie LittledeerValley River2
JulyValley River3
Grass HopperValley River3
WalleyValley River6
CotuskeyValley River3
CawisityValley River8
CulasutterValley River14
UlatokeeValley River5
WillValley River4
ChutaninaValley River8
IyouguaValley River5
StandingdeerValley River3
TawahValley River5
JaneValley River4
SixValley River5
OlkinneyValley River8
SaunawnyValley River8
David TaylorValley River12
OsquanneeValley River5
CheahnannahValley River7
SarahValley River3
JohnawayeValley River3
JaneyValley River3
AhnahlaValley River8
The MinkValley River7
Onion in the PotValley River8
TeesaskeyValley River2
CateyValley River5
ChicksutteheValley River2
Willington BlalockValley River2
The CoonValley River9
LocustValley River6
Suwaga (woman)Valley River5
NannunttuyouValley River6
WilleyValley River8
ChatargaValley River6
The Going WolfValley River5
WakeyValley River1
UmmacuttahValley River6
TacultahValley River4
CulcoloskyValley River3
JohnsonValley River5
Young TurkeyValley River6
OchalootyValley River6
ArticestyValley River8
FiscoeValley River8
ChewsowolahValley River6
ColechahValley River4
SalonetahValley River3
CaunalukeValley River2
Hiram McCrayValley River2
NanchyValley River4
Rose HawkinsValley River1
John TuckerValley River1
Robert T. HawkinsValley River3

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