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Abernathy - Kent

This data was copied, compiled, and typed by Sandra and Stephen Ratledge, 4629 Vance St. N.W., Cleveland, TN 37311. Sandra is graciously allowing the Western NC Genealogy Resource Center for Cherokee County to post this material for public, not for profit use. Not to be sold for any reason.

Kephart - Young

Abernathy, Annie 22 Aug 187320 May 1946 (wife of Dr. J. B. Abernathy)
Abernathy, Earl26 Nov 1894 13 Mar 1901(son of J. L. & Alice Abernathy)
Abernathy, Hula C.17 Jun 188229 Aug 1948(wife of Robert L. Abernathy)
Her name is Eula Caroline Davis Abernathy who married Robert L. Abernathy. She was my Aunt, my mother's sister. Eula was daughter of Andrew Jackson and Eulalia (note the spelling) Eliza Deweese Davis per Bill Welch
Abernathy, Frank19 Sep 185122 Jan 1942
Abernathy, J.A.10 Jul 18584 Dec 1891
Abernathy, Dr. J.B.4 Feb 187030 Jun 1945
Abernathy, Joe N.19 Feb 187931 Mar 1973
Abernathy, Lue12 Mar 18475 Sep 1926
Abernathy, Milas Lunsford
(Should read Miles Linford, per Brian Abernathy
1 Jan 184828 Sep 1930
Abernathy, Paul

(no dates given; undertaker's marker)
Abernathy, Rev, R. P.28 Jul 183312 Jul 1882
Abernathy, Robert L.19 May 188330 Mar 1974
Abernathy, Sallie Alice2 Nov 18842 Jul 1926
Abernathy, Samuel Henry11 Dec 18614 Jan 1908
Abernathy, Steward13 Oct 190312 May 1925
Abernathy, Tobitha17 Oct 185027 Mar 1929(wife of Milas Lunsford Abernathy)
Abernathy, Zebbie W. 24 Feb 18715 Mar 1876(son of M. L. & T. Abernathy)
Adams, Alice18831940
Adams, Anna Lee Davis28 Apr 19051 Apr 1973
Adams, Celia White7 Jul 18785 Jan 1953 (wife of Will A. Adams)
Adams, Dr. E. E.

(no dates given)
Adams, Idris Johnson28 Jan 190620 Nov 1972 (NC CPL US Army WW II)
Adams, Ivan23 Jul 18914 Mar 1934
Adams, J. K.22 Jun 184319 Sep 1922
Adams, Jane D. Deweese

(only date 17 Dec 1847)
Adams, Minnie16 Oct 190716 Oct 1932(wife of Ralph Adams)
Adams, Noah Bunyan1 Jul 186820 Jan 1938 (NC CAPT Med Corps WWI)
Adams, Oscar18781937
Adams, R. L.14 Sep 188722 May 1904
Adams, Ralph24 May 190214 Mar 1947
Adams, Roscoe L.9 May 19093 May 1978
Adams, Will A.25 Jul 18785 May 1954
Allen, Arch23 Apr 190810 Jun 1944
Allen, B. F.28 Jan 183228 Jul 1907
Allen, Daisy7 Jun 1910
(wife of William S. Allen)
Allen, Harriet28 Nov 184420 Apr 1901(wife of B. F. Allen)
Allen, Hazel2 Jan 1909
(wife of James Allen)
Allen, Ira B.18901971
Allen, J. W.17 Feb 18752 Mar 1935
Allen, James29 Mar 189813 Apr 1968
Allen, James David

(only date 1949)
(son of Mr. & Mrs. James Allen)
Allen, John Henry13 Aug 191626 Aug 1916
Allen, Jonathan B.26 Apr 182630 Apr 1887
Allen, Joseph C.16 Oct 187228 Jan 1956
Allen, Martha H.17 Feb 181519 Sep 1895
Allen, Mary10 Apr 184514 Nov 1931(wife of Jonathan B. Allen)
Allen, Mary 7 Nov 1877 21 Dec 1926 (wife of Joseph C. Allen)
Allen, Max G.3 Apr 195823 Jan 1976
Allen, Maynard10 May 190716 Nov 1933
Allen, Myrtle31 Aug 191321 Sep 1913 (dau. of B.F. & Josie Allen)
Allen, Nancy Juran10 Oct 18644 Feb 1917
Allen, Robert Ervin18811955
Allen, Roena1 Jul 191110 Dec 1924
Allen, Stacie D.18921956(wife of Ira B. Allen)
Allen, Susie Y. 30 Sep 1910 12 Mar 1980
Allen, William Steve 24 May 1915 19 Jan 1979 (TEC 5 US Army WWII)
Allman, Edward Graig8 Jun 18923 Sep 1893 (son of J.N. & N.E. Allman)
Amos, Fred Lee31 Dec 191129 Feb 1976
Armes, Charles H.18504 Jul 1925
Ash, Billie Bates3 Jul 187731 Apr 1918(wife of J. W. Ash)
Ashe, Rev. A. M.14 Feb 186423 Jan 1931
Ashe, Frank E.11 Apr 18946 Feb 1953
Ashe, Sarah2 Jun 186521 Jul 1928(wife of Rev. A. M. Ashe)
Atwood, Harry Nelson15 Nov 188314 Jul 1967
Ballew, Minda H.17 Sep 189519 Sep 1978
Barrett, Charlie2 Sep 191430 Jul 1916
Barrett, John18801956
Barrett, Kate18501895(wife of Kelsey Barrett)
Barrett, Kelsey18591936
Barrett, Veldia18931982
Barton, Binnie21 Feb 193421 Mar 1934
Bates, Elizabeth Ann
24 Jan 1902(aged 79 yrs. 5 days)
Bates, Sam W.12 Dec 1953 4 Aug 1931
Bates, Theadocia 15 May 1857 2 Mar 1963
Beaver, Julius F.6 Mar 188711 Jun 1950
Beaver, Madge E.2 Feb 1907
(wife of Mont L. Beaver)
Beaver, Mattie19 Jan 18911 Mar 1976 (wife of Julius F. Beaver)
Beaver Mont L.29 May 19058 Jun 1952
Bell, A. A.13 Feb 1846 13 Feb 1914
Bell, MaryMay 1896?
(dates illegible)
Bell, T. A. 6 Feb 1822 17 Nov 1893
Bivens, James9 Jul 186615 Apr 1934
Bivens Louise Mills28 Nov 187930 Jul 1955 (wife of James Bivens)
Blackwell, Patsy18 May 181029 Aug 1830 (aged 70 yrs., 3 mos., 16 days)
Bradley, Johnie B.
16 Jan 1896(son of W. D. & Jane Bradley)
(aged 3 yr. 3 mos.)
Brannon, Lissie12 Apr 187114 Sep 1940
Brendle, Lawrence Moody26 Jun 190125 Apr 1977
Brockman, J. N.1876

Brockman, Sarah18871940(wife of J.N. Brockman)
Burgess, Dovie S.25 Apr 191010 Aug 1983(wife of Winslow F. Burgess)
Burgess, F. Arnold11 Apr 19407 Dec 1961
Burgess, Infant
son of Mr. & Mrs. Luther B. Burgess

(only date 12 Jul 1938)
Burgess, Winslow F.4 Feb 191011 Jun 1977
Burmeister, Cora Lee2 Apr 194020 Jan 1968
Burmeister, Donald Carlton, Jr.20 Mar 196321 Mar 1963
Capps, Nancy 18 Aug 1867 1 May 1929
Carroll, Rowena9 May 19371 Sep 1956 (wife of Boyce Carroll)
Clark, Clara2 Oct 18949 Sep 1956 (wife of Pearl Clark)
Clark, Elizzie Beth13 Oct 188023 Dec 1968
Clark, Etta17 Jun 18827 Apr 1963
Clark, G. A.14 Nov 18274 Jun 1881
Clark, G. W.17 Aug 187614 Nov 1952
Clark, Lottie18 Nov 18761887
Clark, M. W.17 Apr 185624 Sep 1923
Clark, Martha Ann9 Apr 18571 Mar 1935 (wife of M. W. Clark)
Clark, Nolvia N.13 Sep 168728 Aug 1944
Clark, Ownard5 Feb 190417 Jul 1943
Clark, Pearl24 May 191022 Jun 1936
Clay, Etta M.16 Dec 188819 May 1977(wife of Sidney G. Clay)
Clay, Harmon Leon13 Aug 19144 May 1980
Clay, Mattie Palmer24 Apr 19129 Jul 1980 (wife of Harmon Leon Clay)
Clay, Sidney G.28 Sep 187920 Mar 1952
Clayton, W. S.18641935
Cochran, Roxie McHan19141974(mother of Mildred Bryson, Robert Evans, Albert McHan, Robert Dills, Irene Noland, John S. McHan, Jr.)
Coleman, Elmer5 Feb 191726 Oct 1978(Tec 5 US Army WW II)
Coleman, Leona D.18 Nov 19117 Aug 1977(wife of Elmer Coleman)
Connors, Clyde R.13 Jul 189819 Oct 1978
Connors, Cordie Davis31 Aug 190422 Nov 1969 (wife of Clyde R. Connors)
Cook, Billy Ray6 Jan 19351 Apr 1937 (son of Oliver & Nola Cook)
Cook, Catherine7 Sep 18386 Oct 1907
Cook, Franklin Steve7 Mar 194927 Apr 1969
Cook., J. B.3 Nov 19385 Jul 1939(son of Oliver & Nola Cook)
Cook, James William30 Sep 193710 Jan 1938 (son of Oliver & Nola Cook)
Cook, L. M.10 Sep 183215 Feb 1910
Cook, L. T.15 Mar 19331 Jan 1936
Cook, Minnie19151918
Cook, Nola1 Aug 1911
(wife of Oliver Cook)
Cook, Oliver29 Dec 191116 Apr 1981
Cook, Reuben17 Aug 187418 Jan 1897
Cook, Tinnia18881918
Cornwell, Arthur G.15 Mar 188629 May 1967
Cornwell, Bobbie

(only date 27 Nov 1936)
(son of Mr. & Mrs. James Cornwell)
Cornwell, Emaline18451884(wife of W. H. Cornwell)
Cornwell, Irving20 Oct 190019 Nov 1906(son of R. C. & Lottie Cornwell)
Cornwell, James E.24 Jun 184913 Jun 1912
Cornwell, James W.20 Apr 18826 Dec 1965
Cornwell, Lottie29 Dec 188319 Nov 1906 (wife of R. C. Cornwell)
Cornwell, Maggie10 Aug 18869 May 1967(wife of James W. Cornwell)
Cornwell, Rev. R. C.4 Apr 186810 Dec 1949 ("Master Mason and poet")
Cornwell, Randall W.5 Sep 195723 Jan 1980
Cornwell, Samuel W.18 Feb 191213 Mar 1955
Cornwell, Susan11 Feb 18547 Oct 1941 (wife of James E. Cornwell)
Cornwell, W. H. 1840 1904
Davidson, J. P.
9 Sep 1908(aged 42 yrs.)
Davidson, James T.21 Nov 189221 Apr 1921
Davidson, John P.5 Sep 18663 Jan 1932
Davis, A. J.23 Mar 185027 Jun 1928
Davis, Ammie May29 Aug 188722 Jul 1912
Davis, Arden Dee24 Sep 191227 Apr 1974
Davis, Birtha30 Aug 190922 Aug 1969 (wife of Henry Davis)
Davis, Blanche E.8 Apr 1895
(wife of J. Andrew Davis)
Davis, Celie1 May 18654 Sep 1934
Davis, Charley17 Feb 1903(13 or 18) Jan 1904 (son of J.T. & Teena Davis)
Davis, Christeena3 May 187829 Sep 1942 (wife of John T. Davis)
Davis, Clem2 Apr 186311 Jul 1919
Davis, Dora9 Oct 1890 28 Dec 1928 (wife of Bob)
Davis, E.L.14 Mar 18768 Feb 1896 (wlfe of D. S. Davis)
Davis, Eddie22 Aug 195510 Jan 1956
Davis, Edgar Earl9 Mar 188011 Dec 1962
Davis, Elizabeth
1 Nov 1846
Davis, Ella Lee18811945(wife of William Fred Davis)
Davis, Ella Wilson8 Jun 188813 Nov 1954(wife of Festus U. Davis)
Davis, Eulalia E.2 Jul 185222 Nov 1933(wife of A. J. Davis)
(Davis?), F. P.

(only date 29 Oct 1840, almost illegible)
Davis, Felix 24 Oct 1880 7 Jan 1949
Davis, Festus U. 10 Apr 1884 20 Mar 1978
Davis, Florence19001938 (wife of Ira Davis)
Davis, Frances L.13 May 19412 Mar 1942 (dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Davis)
Davis, Frank (brother)
21 Oct 1864(on same tombstone as Robert Lovingood with same death date)
Davis, Franklin186211 Jul 1919
Davis, George11 Sep 18925 Aug 1975(Pvt US Army WW I)
Davis, Gilbert5 Jun 19138 May 1915 (son of D.S. & Mary Davis)
Davis, Hal22 Dec 191229 Mar 1913
Davis, Henry6 Jun 190010 May 1981
Davis, Icey16 Sep 19012 Feb 1982(wife of George Davis)
Davis, Infant
son of J.T. & Teena Davis

(only date 10 Feb 1918)
Davis, Infant
son of J.T. & Teena Davis

(no dates given)
Davis, Ira1 May 18976 Jan 1970
Davis, J. A.4 Jul 1867

Davis, J. Andrew10 Jun 18943 Dec 1974
Davis, J. Baxter15 Jan 187922 Oct 1966
Davis, J. M.26 Apr 184112 Apr 1923
Davis, J. P.28 Feb 191915 May 1933
Davis, Joyce27 May 1922 10 Jun 1923(son of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Davis)
Davis, John T.9 Aug 187612 Nov 1969
Davis, Lois Adams11 Jul 19083 Jun 1982 (wife of Arden Dee Davis)
Davis, Lucy10 Jun 192631 Dec 1926(dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Davis)
Davis, Lurena1 May 18431 Aug 1927(wife of J. M. Davis)
Davis, Madge17 Apr 19153 Jul 1916(dau. of William Fred & Ella Lee Davis)
Davis, Marie A.12 Dec 193013 Jul 1970
Davis, Mary2 Jan 18732 Mar 1936(wife of D. S. Davis)
Davis, Mary J.8 Sep 1887
(wife of J. Baxter Davis)
Davis, Merchie20 Jun 192017 Jul 1976 (NC PVT US Army WW II)
Davis, Merchie19 Jun 19207 Jul 1970 (beloved son of Ruth Davis)
Davis, Olen C.25 Mar 188317 Jan 1949
Davis, Robert J.29 Oct 188830 Jan 1960
Davis, Ruth J.29 Sep 188924 Sep 1982
Davis, Sarah J.27 May 186420 May 1924 (wife of Clem Davis)
Davis. Sarah Jane2 Sep 186123 Dec 1942 (wife of J. A. Davis)
Davis, Stanley10 Apr 195218 Aug 1966
Davis, T. C.29 May 18561 Sep 1887
Davis, Theo25 Dec 191122 May 1932
Davis, Veanna L.21 May 188523 May 1975(wife of Olen C. Davis)
Davis, Void13 Oct 19187 Jul 1920(son of F. U. & Ella Davis)
Davis, W. Frank7 Dec 1861 4 Nov 1948
Davis, William

(only date 2 Apr 1900)
(son of D. S. & Mary Davis)
Davis, William Fred18811967
Deweese, Emily8 Nov 18551 Nov 1860
Deweese, Kathryn G.27 Sep 1935
(wife of Richard L. Deweese)
Deweese, Lurana C.27 Mar 18476 Oct 1886
Deweese, Richard L.29 Jul 19321 Dec 1979
Deweese, Ute6 Aug 186025 Nov 1860
Dockery, A. J.27 Nov 183026 Dec 1920
Dockery, A. (R. or P.)29 Dec 188615 Oct 1918(PVT Bat A 42nd Reg Field Art WWI)
Dockery, Allen Bascomb6 Dec 190118 Feb 1960
Dockery, Allie Jane10 Jun 187510 Jan 1929(wife of Henry Dockery)
Dockery, Annie Mae21 Nov 1906 4 Jul 1978 (wife of Fred A. Dockery)
Dockery, Artie6 Aug 189719-
Dockery, Ary

(no dates given)
(son of Whitt & Eva Dockery)
Dockery, Bass6 Sep 1896

Dockery, Ben29 Jan 187124 Sep 1934
Dockery, Bessie A.20 Aug 189914 Jun 1968 (wife of Oliver J. Dockery)
Dockery, Callie5 Jul 190013 Aug 1971(wife of Bass Dockery)
Dockery, Callie15 Apr 188111 Dec 1919 (wife of Jacob Robert Dockery)
Dockery, Callie E.9 Nov 188530 Aug 1886 (has 2 tombstones)
Dockery, Carolyn N.7 Jan 194521 Feb 1983
Dockery, Catherine25 Nov 18418 Oct 1923
Dockery, Delthia22 Nov 190628 Sep 1959 (wife of Fred Dockery)
Dockery, Donald H.18 Aug 192120 Jan 1945 (NC SGT 169 INF 43 INF DIV WW II)
Dockery, Eli1 Mar 183215 Nov 1905
Dockery, Ervin3 Dec 187610 Jan 1955
Dockery, Eva5 Nov 188611 Sep 1941
Dockery, Evert16 Dec 18942 Aug 1911 (son of Henry & Lillian Dockery)
Dockery, Fannie M.24 Aug 1909
(wife of Garland Dockery)
Dockery, Floyd26 Feb 19153 Jul 1966
Dockery, Floyd3 Feb 192710 Oct 1928 (son of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Dockery)
Dockery, Frank17 Oct 188531 Mar 1971(NC PVT Co K 3 Cas Reg WW I)
Dockery, Frank, Jr.25 Jun 193726 Jun 1937
Dockery, Fred6 Apr 190818 Jun 1969
Dockery, Fred A.18 Jan 19069 Mar 1951
Dockery, Garland8 Oct 189131 Mar 1914
Dockery, Garland9 Sep 191220 Jul 1980(US Army WWII)
Dockery, Gladys19171923
Dockery, Gladys13 Aug 191210 Jun 1914(dau. of J. H. & Lillie Dockery)
Dockery, Harriet M.26 May 186013 Jan 1940(wife of John A. Dockery)
Dockery, Henry6 Oct 18664 Jun 1927(Masonic emblem)
Dockery, Herbert

(only date 24 Feb 1929)
(son of Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Dockery)
Dockery, Isabel 16 Nov 1879 19 Feb 1880(dau. of Mr. & Mrs. John A. Dockery)
Dockery, Ivan27 Apr 190924 Dec 1911
Dockery, J.H.10 Apr 186923 Apr 1936
Dockery, J. S.30 Sep 18699 Jan 1929
Dockery, Jacob M.18601908
Dockery, Jacob Robert25 Mar 187710 Oct 1953
Dockery, Jake9 Nov 190523 Aug 1927
Dockery, James12 Nov 18006 Sep 1874
Dockery, John17 Jan 183725 Oct 1914
Dockery, John6 Aug 186720 Jul 1894
Dockery, John A.9 May 185819 Feb 1947
Dockery, John H.3 Sep 191425 Jul 1975
Dockery, Johnny20 Apr 191825 Jul 1982
Dockery, Lila J.6 Jul 183513 Aug 1886(dau. of W. R. & M. L. Dockery)
Dockery, Lillie30 Dec 187412 Jan 1939
Dockery, Lillie Ann20 Jan 187029 Oct 1898 (wife of Henry Dockery)
Dockery, Lola Jane29 Jun 190824 Jun 1909
Dockery, Lulla29 May 190015 Oct 1905(dau. of Henry & Allie Dockery)
Dockery, Luther M.16 0ct 190217 May 1973
Dockery, Maggie27 Feb 191611 Oct 1958(wife of Oscar Dockery)
Dockery, Major Ben30 May 18711 Nov 1942
Dockery, Martha J.6 Apr 184121 Jan 1923
Dockery, Martha Leoma7 Aug 184816 Jul 1936(wife of W. R. Dockery)
Dockery, Mary
1873(mother of Henry, J.S., and Rachel Dockery)
Dockery, Mary Jane18 Mar 190316 Jun 1984
Dockery, Mary M. Mills11 Apr 187715 Aug 1944(wife of Major Ben Dockery)
Dockery, Millie31 Dec 188829 Oct 1910(dau. of Henry & Lillian Dockery)
Dockery, Mollie11 May 18809 Aug 1951(wife of Tommy Dockery)
Dockery, Nancy C.3 Jul 18428 Mar 1908(wife of John Dockery)
Dockery, Nettie27 Oct 190320 May 1914(dau. of Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Dockery)
Dockery, Olivan31 Mar 187812 Feb 1954(wife of J. S. Dockery)
Dockery, Oliver24 Jun 188218 Jul 1882
Dockery, Oliver J.3 Mar 189625 Jul 1971(NC PVT US Amy WW I)
Dockery, Oscar5 Nov 1914

Dockery, Paul6 Feb 1902

Dockery, Paul W.6 Jun 189627 Oct 1898
Dockery, Pearley20 Dec 190018 Nov 1918
Dockery, Pheaba20 Apr 186412 May 1935
Dockery, Robert P.11 Dec 188424 Jul 1887(son of J. & N. C. Dockery)
Dockery, Roxie19031907
Dockery, Ruth E.11 Jan 1901
(wife of Luther M. Dockery)
Dockery, Sarah25 Dec 183929 Sep 1866(wife of W. R. Dockery)
Dockery, Sarah J.9 Mar 187230 Dec 1961
Dockery, Stacy
5 May 1979(undertaker's marker)
Dockery, Tabitha10 May 18103 Aug 1870
Dockery, Thomas7 May 186219 Jul 1935
Dockery, Thomas J.10 May 186126 Sep 1890(son of J. & N.C. Dockery)
Dockery, Timothy

(only date 8 Feb 1949)
(son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred A. Dockery)
Dockery, Tommy8 May 187622 Jan 1966
Dockery, Twins

(no dates given)
Dockery, Vernon E.5 Jan 19037 Jan 1953
Dockery, Vey6 Mar 19268 Apr 1926(dau. of Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Dockery)
Dockery, W.R.7 Aug 183416 Mar 1910
Dockery, Whitt27 Mar 188213 Feb 1938
Dockery, William20 Jun 190826 Jan 1929
Dockery, Willie8 Mar 18873 Jan 1964(wife of Ervin Dockery)
Dockery, Wilmer F.3 Mar 19326 Jul 1933(dau. of 0. J. Dockery)
Dockery, Winton and Fred

(no dates given)
(grandsons of Henry & Lillie Ann Dockery)
Earwood, Grace26 Jun 191130 Aug 1911(dau. of Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Earwood)
Earwood, Zeb Swepson29 Jun 189719 Mar 1972
Elliott, Rev. William P.14 Oct 188526 May 1954
Evans, Robert Ivan17 Jun 1939 26 Oct 1972(grandson of Mr. &. Mrs. Winslow McTaggart)
Everett, Elsie Davis29 May 19141 Jan 1960(wife of John Everett)
Fain, Fred J.31 Aug 189814 Jun 1959
Fain, Georgia3 Nov 190829 Jan 1929(wife of Fred J. Fain)
Fain, Harry L.18 Apr 189722 Sep 1972
Fain, Lavina H.22 May 18968 May 1964(wife of Harry L.)
Fair, Elvira10 Sep 182427 Dec 1916
Fair, Fred20 Jun 1901 12 Dec 1902(son of P. R. & M. E. Fair)
Fair, Julia Kate Johnson25 Mar 188430 May 1957
Fair, Robert W.30 Sep 18769 Jun 1887(son of T. C. & M. C. Fair)
Fair, Thurman Cecil19 Jul 19182 May 1970(SC Co USN WWII)
Ford, Vincent James13 Aug 188928 Dec 1967(SO PFC Provost Guard Co WW I)
Fouts, Emma White17 Jul 186724 Feb 1934
Freeman, James A.9 Nov 193524 Jan 1936
Fricks, Alice1 Feb 187520 Dec 1961(wife of James W. Fricks)
Fricks, James W.18 Jun 187220 Mar 1919
Fricks, John D.27 Aug 184012 Jan 1906(Co F 3 Tn Cav)
Fricks, Lonnie

(no dates given)
(son of Mr. & Mrs. James W. Fricks)
Gaddis, Andrew J.10 Sep 193128 May 1951(NC CPL 21 Inf 24 Div Korea)
Gaddis, Emmett Gibson29 Jan 189914 Sep 1938(NC PVT US Marine Corps WWI)
Gaddis, Lumis L.21 Dec 1906

Gaddis, Myrtle D.14 Feb 190614 May 1978(wife of Lumis L. Gaddis)
Garrett, Claude15 Mar 188517 Jul 1970
Garrett, David H.4 Mar 188912 Jul 1965(NC PVT Inf WWI)
Garrett, Dellnora21 Jan 19287 Apr 1929(dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Gentry)
Garrett, Henry

(only date 8 Dec 1909)
Garrett, John Wesley4 Mar 189527 May 1916
Garrett, Lela Allen15 May 188520 Oct 1968(wife of Claude Garrett)
Garrett, Linchie28 Jun 1895
(wife of Monroe Garrett)
Garrett, Monroe14 Oct 189010 Mar 1981
Garrett, Nellie M.30 Jun 1904
(wife of David H. Garrett)
Gentry, Bassie (brother)18 Jan 189630 Jan 1951
Gentry, Bertha Lee19 Jul 190417 Dec 1972
Gentry, Callie10 Jul 190012 Dec 1945
Gentry, Earl1 May 191414 Feb 1964
Gentry, Edgar M.15 Jul 187721 Apr 1966
Gentry, Fred

(no dates given)
(son of Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Gentry)
Gentry, Hazel May

(no dates given)
(dau. of Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Gentry)
Gentry, Howard24 Feb 190911 Dec 1909(son of Mr. & Mrs. P. C. Gentry)
Gentry, J. N.4 Feb 184411 Sep 1864(on same stone with W. S. & S. M. Gentry)
Gentry, Laura Odom20 Mar 188923 Dec 1914
Gentry, Leonard

(no dates given)
(son of Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Gentry)
Gentry, Nancy Palmer24 Apr 186915 Mar 1904
Gentry, Nancy Thompson18 Oct 18124 Jun 1883(born Roane Co., Tn., wife of William S. Gentry)
Gentry, S. C.21 Jan 186917 Aug 1952
Gentry, S. M.18 Dec 184611 Sep 1864(on same stone with W. S. & J. N. Gentry)
Gentry, Sallie28 Feb 187720 Feb 1952(wife of S. C. Gentry)
Gentry W. S.27 May 181111 Sep 1864(on same stone with J. N. & S. M. Gentry)
Gibson, Celia28 Apr 191811 Mar 1964(wife of C. A. Gibson)
Gibson, Ollie L.28 Dec 186215 Feb 1955
Goins, Major S.31 Jul 191813 Apr 1975(USN WWII)
Goins, Myrtle P.22 Dec 1919
(wife of Major S. Goins)
Graves, Annie M.27 Apr 1920
(wife of Don S. Graves)
Graves, Don S.27 Oct 191715 Feb 1983
Green, F. H.24 Sep 18799 Sep 1899
Grogan, John B.16 Oct 19191 Aug 1942
Grogan, Mollie M.27 Mar 1886

Grogan, William H.5 Jan 192714 Jun 1927
Grogan, William J.30 Nov 187229 Jan 1964
Hampton, Alice Marlane

(only date 14 Jan 1950)
Hampton, Rev. J. H.185121 May 1927
Hampton, Mary E. (mother)13 Jan 183322 Nov 1904
Hampton, Phoeba Jane18461 May 1929(wife of Rev. J. H. Hampton)
Hance, Dorothy Y.19151975
Harper, Eliza Jane26 Feb 184114 May 1907(dau. of Ute & Juliette Hyatt)
Hartness, Bennie18871910(on same stone as George & Viola Hartness)
Hartness, George18921908(on same stone as Bennie & Viola Hartness)
Hartness, Viola L. 18601918 (on same stone as George & Bennie Hartness)
Hass, Andrew J.1 Jun 186931 Mar 1943
Hass, Benjamin3 May 189112 Mar 1916
Hass, C. C.5 Oct 18581 Dec 1933
Hass, Dollie18 or 26 Sep 188412 Aug 1956(has 2 stones each with different birth date)
Hass, Dorcus Lucinda7 Jun 18936 Jul 1969
Hass, Infant of W. A. Hass

(only date 1915)
Hass, Leon Harold13 Feb 192914 Sep 1930
Hass, Martha Caroline6 May 189113 Jan 1930
Hass, Mary A.28 Oct 189811 Apr 1917
Hass, Mary J.1 Feb 186111 Nov 1912
Hass, Rebecca4 May 183825 Mar 1910
Hass, W. D.13 Aug 182625 May 1903
Hembree, J. W.9 Sep 183617 Jan 1912
Hembree, James Robert8 Aug 187628 Jan 1960
Hembree, Mollie Sneed8 Mar 188216 Nov 1906(wife of James Robert Hembree)
Hensley, Delphia M.18951963
Hensley, Rose A.18901966
Horton, Dulcie Allen19091979(wife of Jessie Horton)
Horton, Hobert M.Dec 189723 Aug 1944
Horton, Jessie1899

Horton, Susan18771956
Horton, W. B.18731944
Howard, C. Castile31 Mar 192628 Feb 1979
Howard, Delores G.13 Jul 1925
(wife of C. Castile Howard)
Hughes, Don H.24 Jan 192118 Sep 1974
Hughes, June O'Dell27 Sep 194223 Dec 1978
Hughes, Lenore M.14 Dec 1927
(wife of Don H. Hughes)
Humphreys, Henry L.15 Sep 19084 Jul 1909
Humphreys, James M.28 Dec 18964 Jul 1897
Hunsucker, Molly1 Feb 186617 Mar 1924(wife of Bud Hunsucker)
Ison, Jenicho
27 May 1874
Johnson, Lelia Dockery9 Jun 19081 Apr 1983
Johnson, Mary26 Aug 186017 Jan 1935
Johnson, Sam Hugh18 Dec 188613 Mar 1972
Johnson, Willie McDonald26 Nov 1903
(wife of Sam Hugh Johnson)
Jump, Clyde19091980
Jump, Dollie V.
25 Jun 1969
Jump, Esta Mae
May 1927
Jump, Kay15 Apr 19154 Jul 1969
Jump, Mary27 Apr 191510 Dec 1971
Jump, Mollie M.15 Sep 187912 Jan 1958(wife of Walden D. Jump)
Jump, Walden D.20 May 187729 Sep 1944
Kent, Edna Mae1 Apr 1917
(wife of Vester Lee Kent)
Kent, Horace M.10 Apr 192413 Nov 1975
Kent, Susie Mae20 Jun 190410 May 1951(dau. of J.C. & Mary Allen)
Kent, Vester Lee23 May 189815 Nov 1979

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