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Hanging Dog Baptist Church Minutes 1867-1869

Data reprinted with permission from the Southwest North Carolina Genealogical Society Quarterly, now defunct, input by Diane Miller. This data is not to be sold for any reason.

We are indebted to Reverend Garth Cook and the Hanging Dog Baptist Church for permitting us to publish the following historic records:

The church was organized May 4, 1844. Reverend George Washington Lovingood was the first pastor. He and his brother operated an iron ore forge in the Hanging Dog section in pioneer days.

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NameDateAction Taken
Mitchel LunsfordSat. Jan. 26dismissed by letter
Emeline DavisSat. Feb. 23"
Sat. Mar. 23
Church meet.
Sat. Apr. 27
Church meet.
Anna GravesSat. May 25Excluded - bad conduct
G.F. Rose - E.A. DeweeseMay 25Pastor - elected jointly
Polley BellSat. June 22dismissed by letter
G.Y. Bergess


made satisfaction to this church for his conduct done some time ago
Martha Aillian"dismissed by letter
Riley DockerySat. July 27requested the church for advise
Riley Dockery - Luray SneedAug. 24satisfaction made
Viz: G.F. Rose, E.A. Deweese, R.P. Abernathy, Levy Dockery"


Sat. Sept. 21
Church meet.
Jane DickSat. Oct. 27dismissed by letter
Linchey Abernathy""
stove to be purchased
Lison GrantsSat. Nov. 23dismissed by letter
His Daughter""
Elder G.F. Rose""
Rachel Rose""
John Fergeson

Sat. Dec. 21

Ordained for something but didn't say what. Presbytery: G.F. Rose, G.Y. Bergess (Meeting cont. 5 days)
Elder E.A. DeweeseSat. Jan. 25Presiding
James Dockery appointed to buy stove
John Fergeson reports unfavorable for taking & conceiling some honney: with others
John FergesonSat. Jan. 25Censure - called for his credentials
M.L. Davis"dismissed by letter
Sat. Feb. 21
Church meet.
Elder A. ColemanSat. Mar. 21Preaching
Malab DeweeseSat. Apr. 25rec'd by letter
Elder E.A. DeweeseSat. May 23Elected Pastor
Tobitha Abernathy"rec'd by exp.
Elder A. CornSat. June 27Preaching
Elder E.A. Deweese and Elder A. CornSun. June 28


Tobitha Abernathy"rec'd by Baptism
Jamima McDonaldSat. July 25rec'd by letter
Jane SneedFri. Aug. 21dismissed by letter
David OwlSat. Aug. 21rec'd by letter, a licensed minister
Altha M. Lovingood"rec'd by Recontation
Martha Moore"rec'd by exp.
Jane Cook""
Mary Ann McDonaldSun. Aug. 23"
Harret McDonald""
Mosies Freeman""
Washington Davis""
Winnie LovinggoodMon. Aug. 24"
Sarah McDonald"rec'd by Recontation
Mandy Waldroup"rec'd by permission
Alfred PantherTue. Aug. 25rec'd by exp.
Elisey Panther""
Harmon R. Lovinggood""
Napolian B. Lovinggood""
Jane Lovinggood""
Washington Lovinggood""
Newton Lovinggood""
Iredell CookWed. Aug. 26"
Andrew Jackson Davis""
Harmon Johnson""
________ Young""
Isaac LovinggoodThurs. Aug. 27"
Mellvine Nickelson""
Harret McDonald""
________ Killian""
R.P. Abernathy and E.A. DeweeseSun. Sept. 27

Preaching - 28 Baptized

James Blackwell"rec'd by Recontation
William Harris"rec'd by exp.
Cherokee"rec'd by letter
Sat. Oct. 24
Church meet.
Clerk resigned - gave up book

Elder A. ColemanSun. Oct. 25Preaching - 10 Baptized
J.K. Adams"rec'd by letter
Maliza McDonald""
H. Lovinggood"rec'd by exp.
Black Womman - Harriet Kincade"


J.M. LovinggoodNov. 21appointed clerk
Elder E.A. Deweese

Sat. Dec. 23
Church meet.

Elder E.A. Deweese

Sat. Jan. 23
Church meet.
Moderator - Sat. spent in preaching

Sun. Jan. 24Saboth spent in preaching
Marthy Johnson"rec'd by exp.
William GentrySat. Feb. 29Excluded - drunkness
R.P. Abernathy

Sat. Mar. 27

To be ordained to the full functions of the ministery, presbytery chose viz: Elder Coleman, Elder Mulkey, Elder G.F. Rose, Elder E.A. Deweese - set apart
Jane AdamsSat. Mar 27rec'd by letter
Isaac Lovinggood & James Davis

Sat. Apr. 24

Appointed to invite C. Radford to attend the next monthly meetings and satisfy the ch. for his long absense
J.R. AmmondSun. Apr. 25Preaching
James M. Plemmons"rec'd by letter
Susan PLemmons""
Curtis RadfordMay 22Delinquency - satisfied the church
R.P. Abernathy"Ordination - Presbytery failed to attend - put off to some other time
A.J. Lunsofrd"dismissed by letter
Paster E.A. Deweese"Re-elected by unanimous vote
Saboth School established to begin May 30 at nine o'clock
Superintendent J.M. Lovinggood elected
Elder E.A. Deweese

Sat. June 26
Church meet.

John E. GravesSun. June 27rec'd by Baptism
Elizabeth Graves""
Both baptized by Elder E.A. Deweese
Sun. June 27, 1869
Subscribed to pay pastor for year 1868
James Blackwell$1.00
J.M. Johnson1.50
James McDonald1.00
John Graves1.50
James Davis1.00
B.F. Allien1.00
Elizabeth Grant1.25
Polley Abernathy.50
Richard Cornwell1.00
H. Lovinggood1.50
Margarett Lovinggood1.00
Susan C. Plemmons1.00
Reason Davis1.50
Isaac Lovinggood1.00
I.R. Cook1.00
David Owl1.00
L.M. Abernathy1.00
Franklin Sneed1.00
James Dockery1.00
Wm. R. Dockery1.00
J.M. Lovinggood1.00
Sat. July 24
Church meet.
Elder E.A. Deweese, mod.

Elder E.A. DeweeseSun. July 25Mod., Saboth spent in religious services
Elder E.A. Deweese

Fri. Aug. 20
Church meet.

Elder James Kimsey, Elder G.F. Rose & Elder A. ColemanSun. Aug. 22


E.A. Deweese, R.P. Abernathy, J. Furguson, James Davis, J.M. LovinggoodSat. Sept. 25

chose messengers to association. $2.00 minutes

Jacob Mulkey"dismissed by letter
Anne Hares"rec'd by letter
Mary Lunsford"rec'd by exp.
M. SneedSun. Sept. 26rec. by exp.
"11 baptized by Elder E.A. Deweese
Sat. Oct. 23
No meeting

Jackson LunsfordSun. Oct. 24rec'd by letter
J.M. Lovinggood

Sat. Nov. 27
Church meet.

Elder E.A. Deweese

Fri. Dec. 24
Church meet.

Hanging Dog Baptist Church

G.W. Lovinggood 14 years
E.A. Deweese 32 years
E.R. Treadaway1894-1902 7 years
M.A. Hembrey1901-19016 mos.
G.F. Rose1902-19021 year
A.B. Smith1902-19053 years
J.E. Crim1905-19053 mos.
J.E. Norton1905-19094 years
W.M. Pruett1909-19101 years
H.E. Whitaker1910-19122 years
J.T. Plott1912-19186 years
W.T. Truett1918-19213 years
D.F. Birchfield1921-19232 years
C.F. Martin1923-19252 years
W.T. Truett1925-19272 years
James Truett1927-19281 years
W.R. Lunsford1928-19313 years
N.O. Kilpatrick1931-19332 years
W.T. Truett1933-19374 years
Fred Stiles1937-19381 years
W.T. Truett1938-19391 years
W.P. Elliott1939-19478 years
Ralph Matheson1947-19481 years
Weldon Wester1948-19491 years
C.A. Sexton1949-19501 years
W.T. Truett1950-19511 years

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