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If you know of any Madison Co., NC Church -- past or present -- or any corrections to the following listing, please e-mail me with the information.

Another wonderful site for Madison County Churches

Anderson Branch Church -- Marshall
Antioch Church -- Marshall
Arrington Branch Church -- Sams Gap
Ball City Baptist Church -- Spring Creek
Balm Grove Church -- Spring Creek
Barnard Baptist Church --
Bear Creek Church -- Marshall
Bear Creek Church -- Marshall
Bethel Church -- Lemon Gap
Big Laurel Church -- White Rock
Bonnie Hill Church -- Lemon Gap
Bright Hope Church -- Sams Gap
Bull Creek Church -- Mars Hill
Caney Fork Church -- Marshall
Cedar Hill Church -- Leicester
Chestnut Hill Church -- White Rock
Crossrock Church -- Sandymush
Dry Branch Church -- Marshall
East Fork Church -- Barnardsville
Enon Church -- Marshall
Fairview Church -- Hot Springs
First Baptist Church -- Marshall
Gabriel Creek Church -- Mars Hill
Gap-of-the-Mountain Church -- Spring Creek
Grand View Church -- Marshall
Grapevine Church -- Mars Hill
Hayes Run Church -- Marshall
Highland Church -- Spring Creek
Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church -- Hopewell
Hopewell Church -- White Rock
Kalamazoo Church -- Marshall
Laurel Bend Church -- Sams Gap
Laurel Branch Church -- Mars Hill
Laurel Fork Church -- Marshall
Liberty Church -- Spring Creek
Little Creek Church -- Sams Gap
Little Creek Salvation Church
Little Ivy Baptist Church -- Mars Hill
Long Branch Baptist Church
Lusk Chapel Baptist Church -- Spring Creek
Maple Springs Salvation Army Church
Mars Hill Baptist Church -- Mars Hill
Marshall Presbyterian Church -- Marshall
Methodist Episcopal Church
Middle Fork Church -- Barnardsville
Middle Laurel Church -- White Rock
Mill Ridge Church -- Hot Springs
Mount Pleasant Church -- Spring Creek
Mount Zion Church -- Marshall
New Prospect Church -- Lemon Gap
North Fork Church -- Spring Creek
Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church --
Oak Hill Church -- Marshall
Old Bull Creek Church -- Mars Hill
Paint Fork Church -- Barnardsville
Paint Gap Church -- Mars Hill
Piney Grove Church -- White Rock
Pleasant Valley Church -- Sams Gap
Price Chapel Baptist Church -- Lower Big Pine
Primitive Church -- Spring Creek
Red Hill Church -- Marshall
Sexton Church -- Mars Hill
Shady Grove Church -- White Rock
Shoal Hill Church -- Spring Creek
Terry's Fork Freewill Baptist Church -- Hamburg Road (Barnardsville)
Upper Laurel Church -- Sams Gap
Walnut Freewill Baptist Church -- Walnut
Zion Church -- Spring Creek

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