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Yancey County Delayed Births 1868-1878

Name Birthdate Sex Father Mother
James M Couzens9 Nov 1868MaleW H CouzensAnie V Beaver
Julia Edge19 Oct 1868FemaleThomas EdgeMargarett Silvers
William A Nanney23 Feb 1871MaleAndy NanneyNancy Roland
Nelson Ray19 Jul 1871MaleHiram RayRachel Mcpeters
Dolph L Whetstine12 May 1872MaleUnknownMartha Whetstine
John G Hubbard5 Jul 1873MaleCharlie HubbardNancey Mckinney
William C Pate25 Apr 1873MaleAlfred PateCelia Briggs
I M Randolph17 Mar 1873MaleWilliam RandolphLou Phillips
Emory Honeycutt10 Jul 1874FemaleTom HoneycuttMalisia Hensley
Laura Ramsey24 Sep 1874FemaleJohn RamseyMary J Ramsey
Grayson C Robertson28 Mar 1874MaleW A RobertsonManerva Woody
Clinton Mccurry10 Oct 1876MaleMilton MccurrySussa Mccurry
Grant Mcintosh9 Dec 1876MaleMaras McintoshEmline Mcintosh
J C Howard2 May 1877MaleLevi HowardLucinda Small
James R Murphy14 Apr 1877MaleJoseph MurphySusan Robinson
George Parnell10 Mar 1877MaleHarrison ParnellLila A Riddle
Cora Peterson29 Mar 1877FemaleMose PetersonCordelia Ray
T J Phillips1 Jun 1877MaleA J PhillipsJulia Bailey
William C Ramsey13 Sep 1877MaleJohn RamseyMary J Boone
Queen E Randolph28 Dec 1877FemaleBalus R RandolphLeah Woody
L B Silver12 Jul 1877MaleJ W SilverJane Roland
Basha Wilson20 Jun 1877FemaleJ G WilsonLucindy Ray
Silas Ledford31 Mar 1878MaleNoah LedfordLillie Roland
Issac Fagon Mccurry11 May 1878MaleMilton P MccurrySusan L Roberts
Nannie Lou Mcdowell4 Oct 1878FemaleW G McdowellMartha A E Gardner
Lillie J Morrow6 Dec 1878FemaleWilliam MorrowVicy C Briggs
William H Silver17 Sep 1878MaleJohn SilverElenchr Smthton
Nancey A B Thomas25 Jul 1878FemaleWilliam ThomasViana Mccurry
William A Wilson28 Mar 1878FemaleJ G WilsonLucinda Ray

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